The Jazz do not win even against the worst Harden ever in the shot

Historic night for the Rockets (3/20), who did not put his first basket in play until the last quarter. Mitchell (34) missed the triple to force overtime.

The Houston Rockets survived something that is hardly going to repeat: James Harden putting his first basket in play with 7 minutes and 35 seconds left to finish the game, after having missed his first 15 pitches. A fateful night that, still, was not enough for the Jazz to add their first victory in the box. And the thing remains fatal, because the 3-0 seems irremovable (has never been achieved) and because this defeat will do a lot of mental damage.

For the first time the Utah managed to keep the game within reach, going above in the Score almost all the time in the first three quarters, except for a couple of anecdotal advantages of the Rockets. They came out plugged, with Ricky and Crowder (starter instead of Favors) tightening Harden as never before and causing the first mistakes and turnovers in the beard. The Spanish was also inspired by the direction of play and attended several plays that raised the public of Salt Lake City, which tried to create an environment as hostile as possible. Ricky finished with 10 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals.

But the one who was really taking advantage of the situation was Donovan Mitchell, the leader of this team and who wanted to prove it last night. He finished with 34 points, 6 rebounds 5 assists and 3 steals. Treating a lot (27 times), not especially well (18 failures), but always throwing the team behind . Meanwhile, Chris Paul (18 + 4 + 4 + 3) and Clint Capela (11 + 14) tried to keep the Texan ship afloat in the drought of its leader, who went to rest with a 0/10 never seen in the history of the playoffs.

Eso yes, Meanwhile Harden found ways to contribute. He took 4 rebounds, gave 10 assists and stole 6 balls with only 4 losses. We said that he was with a 0/15 when in the absence of 7:35 he found an open corridor and crushed the ring. First basket in play with the Rockets already ahead. Thunderclouds threatened the Jazz, who were going to see how the only two baskets that the escort would put on their next four shots were going to be two triples. A very far in the face of English and another very painful, with less than two minutes left, on the defense of Ricky. The Utah team still tried with Donovan Mitchell, who was going to put all the points that were left to his team.

So we reached the key move, a rebound in attack by PJ Tucker (12 + 10 + 3), vital throughout the match and even more in this action. They needed him quickly, he got the first and missed the second one. The Jazz asked for time with 3 down and 10 seconds ahead. They did not spend much of that time, because when leaving the band and after the changes in the markings Mitchell was only with the ball in the line of three, with a lot of time to think. And the man who had led his people and had kept them in the game failed. Then he would apologize for that failure, because he knows that this defeat smells like elimination. Sometimes the destiny can be very cruel.

The teams that have had a player with 3 or less hits in 20 or more pitches had won only 13 of 44 regular season games and 3 of 8 in playoffs. We will have to add one more to this last list. In spite of everything, Harden was the maximum anotador of his (22) thanks to 14/16 in free throws. Everything that surrounded the game of the escort in the subject scoring was a nonsense difficult to explain. But in the end the Jazz are the ones who have remained silly.

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