The Jazz do not have the antidote for James Harden (32 + 13 + 10)

The base of the Rockets once again destroyed the defenses raised by Quin Snyder and helped his team to add the second point of the series.

It was not worth it in the first and it was not worth in the second. Ricky Rubio's bent defense on James Harden, letting him advance and not giving him the left side in an innovation that with luck may be effective for others but which is very risky, returned to water. In fact, they proved more and did not work either. When Harden is in a state of grace, you can put a bus in front ... that the balls are going to enter the same .

La defensa entrance, not only on Harden but in general of the Jazz, was paupérrima. They were not successful in attack and that was what could be paramount for the spectator, but that almost all the plays in defense were bad is what made the Rockets go away on the scoreboard. Then came the 12-0 partial and that was a spill. First started Ricky Rubio with the aforementioned defense, which was going to "be the plan of the tie and not just for a game", and they realized that they did not even reach the second quarter; Then it was Joe Ingles's turn to defend '13', and neither did it; until Thabo Sefolosha, a player for many years praised for these aspects, had to give up.

Del 27-9 was reached 33-13. Twenty of advantage when there were still four minutes to finish the first quarter. Yes, obviously (and since we are in Holy Week), the rest of the game was penance for the team from Salt Lake City that leaves them face to face the next two games, already at home, which seem absolutely key to the evolution of the tie.

'The Beard 'was in domdo mode. Not only did he put the trebles with step-back that so much fear seems to be produced by the coaching staff of the Jazz (three of them played the mentioned partials to break the match), he also perfectly saw Capela in the baseline to throw it over and to the Gordon or Tucker on the outside and to the sides so that they were the ones who added three in three.

Harden finished with 32 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists. He adds his third triple-double in the playoffs, something no one had done with the Rockets' shirt. Precisely this franchise becomes the top assistant in postseason games, surpassing the 437 Hakeem Olajuwon. He adds, to add also, to LeBron James, Charles Barkley, Oscar Robertson, Russell Westbrook and Wilt Chamberlain as the only ones to make a triple-double of 30 points more than once in this decisive part of the year in the NBA.

Los Rockets are with the machinery set-up. The Rockets are very scary. Much has to change the thing in Utah, especially at the defensive level, so that there is real competitiveness here. For now, 2-0.

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