The hiccups of Heat and Pistons tighten the fight in the East

Those of Miami fell in the extension before the Raptors (117-109). Hornets surprised Detroit (91-104) and they struggle to stay alive in the race to be in the playoffs.

The Miami Heat are on the edge of the abyss after falling this Sunday in their visit to Toronto against the Raptors (117-109) . This defeat keeps the Florida ninth to a game of Detroit Pistons, the border of the playoff ... but with only two games ahead to close the regular phase.

A bad time to lose, although the mission was not easy. The Canadians will finish second in the Eastern Conference with more than 55 wins (now 57) for the second consecutive year and for the third time in the last four years, and they only hope to know who will be their rival in the first round of the postseason: Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic or Detoit will be its possible rivals.

If Miami does not reach the playoffs, we are only two games away from seeing the end of an era: Wade will retire at the end of the course. The guard tried all to try to prolong your stay in the NBA. He scored 21 points with a 4 of 6 from the triple. He was the only one of Spoelstra's to overcome the 20-goal barrier. Johnson reached the age of 18, Waiters and Winslow closed the duel with 17 and 15 points, respectively.

On the part of the Raptors, Powell and Siakam achieved 23 each, while Kawhi Leonard reached 22 and Green, 21. Marc Gasol He touched the triple-double: 8 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists. Ibaka, in 19 minutes, made 12,

The match, very even from the initial jump, was resolved in extra time with a partial 14-6 in favor of the locals . Green was superb in those last five minutes with 7 points.

Hornets surprises in Detroit and continues to dream of the playoffs

The North Carolina franchise was imposed on the Pistons (91-104), thus draining his options, quite remote, to play the playoffs. The performance of Kemba Walker (31 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists) , escorted by a great Fran Kaminsky (24 + 5), was essential in the final result. They were able to overcome the superiority of the locals in the rebound, highlighting the salvajada of Andre Drummond: 15 points and ... 23 rebounds!

The Michigan were better during the first quarter (32-27) but it was starting that's when they accused a serious bass player. Hornets rallied before hounding the locker room tunnel at break (42-60) , getting a pretty serious income and leaving the Pistons at 15 points in those twelve minutes.

After the break the Pistons improved on attack and were able to cut 10 points before the final quarter (75-83), reaching a point down with seven minutes remaining . In spite of this, they ran out of gas in the decisive moments and the Hornets took advantage of it, taking a win that keeps alive the hopes of the team for the postseason.

Thanks to this victory, Charlotte's overtake Heat and placed in ninth position , a match under his rival today, which closes the list of posts in the playoffs. Jordan's franchise options go to win in Cleveland and at home against the Magic. Pistons, meanwhile, receive the Grizzlies in Detroit and close the season at Madrison Square Garden.

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