The Getafe wins the hand to Sevilla and is placed fourth

Two penalties by hand indicated thanks to the VAR and two expulsions (Escudero and Djené) also by the VAR. Doublet of Molina. Anger of Monchi and Caparrós.

Two penalties by hand indicated previous indication of the VAR and two expulsions pointed equally by the VAR marked a tense Getafe-Sevilla in which they played that fourth place that rewards with the Champions. Getafe was victorious, Sevilla finished very angry.

Until that first penalty goal crossed the first half hour, Sevilla was being slightly higher. A little not much. The first occasion of the match had been from Molina, but his shot went wide, high and deflected. The clearest, on the contrary, corresponded to Sevilla, a volley from Mudo Vazquez in the 21st minute and a whiplash from Ben Yedder in the 26th minute to which Soria responded with a one-hand stoppage.

but that 32nd minute arrived that all I change it. The Getafe players asked for a penalty by Vázquez's hand while Mateu Lahoz said nothing at all. The referee notified him from the VAR, checked the images and where he had said he did not say yes: penalty by Vázquez's hand. He threw Mata and he scored. The Getafe virtually recovered the Champions League. How was it possible that Getafe, with so many casualties, was winning Sevilla?

Because Getafe played without sidelines, Bordalás having to line up a defense composed of four centers, among them Ignasi Miquel, who had only played a whole match in all the League and three more minutes.

Ese baffled lived with the 1-0 had reflection minutes later to repeat the scene in the play of 2-0. A ball hung at the far post was headed off by Bruno, hitting the ball to the head of the squire first and on one arm later. The player was on his back but why did he jump then with his arms raised as if he were going to catch a rebound? Penalty and expulsion. And goal, this time of Molina.

To get an idea of the incidents, reviews in the VAR and the accumulation of delays is enough to note that the first part ended in minute 52.

What size would the sevillista anger that Monchi, who was following the match from the box, went down the stairs to get into the area of the benches to protest.

That the third and fourth team that more cards have seen this league were going to offer a rough game was quite predictable. Mateu had a Miura in front and what happened happened: nine yellow and two red.

El Getafe was cooling the match in the second half. With the score in favor and the opponent with ten badly he had to be given to let the game go. The 3-0 of Molina would come to Mata's pass. And then the party died, leaving happy Getafe and Sevilla, very infamous.

Caparrós: "The expulsion was the most decisive"

Joaquín Caparrós briefly attended the club's official media to analyze the match and the decisions of Mateu . "The expulsion, I think, was more decisive until the penalties." Despite going under we could get into the game because we are a quality team, but the expulsion was decisive, it is the VAR and has decided, I insist that the expulsion is What has hurt me the most because we were playing well, we had arrived and created mistrust, but those plays have gotten them into the game, "explained the Utrera.

In addition, the Sevilla coach wanted to turn quickly:" There are 15 points left. We are aware that it could have taken a giant step but now it is time to prepare for Thursday's game which is going to be very difficult. "

Bordalás:" Molina is the son-in-law that all mothers-in-law would like "

lived the game and the penalties?

No I have seen. We were happy and I have not looked. They tell me what they have been and I will not go into debates. Two penalties in favor give you an advantage. Last week we went against. The game got very face with the goals and the expulsion. It was very difficult against a Sevilla of enormous potential and the boys have made an exemplary splurge. Has been controlled since the beginning.

When will be allowed to talk about the Champions?

At no time because there are many points at stake and we have to continue with the same humility and without euphoria. Sevilla is a great team and we must not forget Valencia, Athletic and many teams that are immersed. Let's enjoy the three points and prepare the match against Madrid.

Why Gaku played after so long?

The coaches see players every day. Gaku trains well always. I was convinced that I was not going to accuse that lack of matches and I have to congratulate him. He worked, helped the team, paused and helped us in the strategy.

How did the footballer receive it?

Very good. I spoke with him at the Hotel and he told me that he works to be alwaysavailable and that I would play where I could help the team. Since he has been here, he has had an exemplary behavior. In the end I congratulated him as everyone.

How is the team?

After a victory you are always happy within the caution that football requires. We know who we are and we do not lose perspective. Many things can happen from here to the end.

Did he be surprised by the expulsion of Djené?

I have not seen him. I have been told that lowering the foot hurts the opponent with the blocks. I can not comment. If the club considers it appropriate to appeal, it will be done.

Would it be a disillusion not to finish in Champions?

I am excited about the behavior of the boys. Whatever happens the season will have been fantastic. Sevilla quadruples us in budget. We are aware and we go step by step with humility to where we are capable. We are a pleasant surprise.

Do you worry that they will sanction Djené with several games?

I do not think so. For what the football player has told me I do not have that feeling.

Where is the roof of Jorge Molina?

I have known him for many, many years. I trained him in Elche. He is an example and is the son-in-law that all mothers-in-law would like to have. It is a piece of father, footballer, man and partner.

Where is the secret of this Getafe?

The secret is the commitment that all players have. They give everything, they know what the team needs and again the behavior has been exemplary. Mauro just side, Hugo has changed his position several times ... This is a team always daring. We have our limitations and many virtues

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