The five unforgettable nights of Iago Aspas in Balaídos

The repertoire of the best player in the history of Celta has no limits. This time he came back from an injury to resuscitate his team.

Debut salvador. It all started on 6 of June 2009. Celta played permanence in Segunda against Alavés, their direct rival. The down celeste to Second B could have caused the disappearance of the club, mired in a bankruptcy. With half an hour to go before the end of the match, and with 0-0 on the scoreboard, Eusebio Sacristán made his debut in Balaídos at Iago Aspas. The footballer of the subsidiary scored dos goals, the last of them in minute 89. That victory by 2-1 was a turning point in the history of the Celtic entity, which eight years later was within inches of eliminating Manchester United and have qualified for the final of the Europa League.

Golpe to the ascent. The course 2011-2012 was the one of the definitive explosion of the canterano. Paco Herrera found his ideal position and acting from fake '9' he scored 23 goals. Two of those many signed them in the party that gave the final push to Celta to the promotion. In the penultimate day the table vigués remained with ten and received a gol of the Xerez nothing else to begin. Against all, Aspas led the brilliant local reaction. Two goals of his, the second penalty, he turned the scoreboard and the celestes ended up winning por 4-1.

Roto Colotto. The following year the permanence of 4% returned to have as hero to the 'Príncipe de las Bateas '. This time he did not see a goal in the last game against Espanyol, but he unbalanced the game with an exceptional dribble. Aspas made a 'croquette' to Diego Colotto and after getting rid of the Argentine attended Natxo Insa in the play of the only goal of the game. The broken to the center served the '10' celtina to take a personal revenge. The previous season had lived in Riazor a duel full of provocations with Colotto when the defender defended the shirt of Deportivo. The three points in front of the parakeet table meant the escape of Celta and the '10' left Balaidos on shoulders and between tears. He had already reached an agreement to go to Liverpool.

Double to Barça. On 2015-2016 he returned home. It had not set in neither in England nor in Seville, but it was to put on the light blue and recovered the magic. One of his primary victims was Barcelona. The team that directed Luis Enrique metio two goals. In both he showed his speed and his coolness before Ter Stegen. The Celta won 4-1 and that campaign entered Europe.

Regreso heroico. The last big night in front of his hobby arrived this Saturday, in his party 300 as Celtic. He resurrected a team that lost by 0-2 and had four days without celebrating a goal. All this after being three months injured. He broke down crying on the bench, an image that explains everything.

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