The ex-Olympian and world champion Rebecca Twigg spent four years begging on the street

The former US cyclist told the drama he suffered after his retirement from the world of sports and even thought of suicide.

The American pistard Rebecca Twigg revealed the drama she experienced when she ended her successful sports career, , which features silver en route at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul and the bronze in individual pursuit of Barcelona 92.

Twigg, considered one of the best American pistards of the history (in his palmarés they appear in addition up to 6 world titles of individual persecution) hung the bicycle in 1997. Since then he fought to look for a place and permanent work afflicted with anxiety and even came to think of suicide. When she saw herself working and homeless, Twigg was forced to live in some friends' houses, even sleeping on the street.

. The cyclist told this hard experience to the Seattle Times newspaper. " Once you've done something that makes you feel like you were born for it, it's hard to find something that's just as good Some days were very painful when you're training to compete, but without a house and when you do not know where the goal is Hard, I was shaking, partly from fear and partly from the cold, I felt like I belonged nowhere, In my head I was very confused about what I was doing ". Twigg is now fighting for the United States government to help build homes for the homeless so that no one will suffer the same drama that she experienced.

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