The East was solved: the Pistons smile, the Hornets cry

The Pistons did not miss the horrible Knicks and will be in the playoffs. The Hornets, no, and lost what could be Kemba's last game.

Finished the race for the East playoffs without too much emotion, although it had reached the final day of Regular Season with a place in the air (it took him Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Hornets was left out) and the fights to decide. But the Sunday and Tuesday results had left us without a direct death match in the Nets-Heat, and the Knicks' gruesome weakness took the little sauce that the last ticket to the playoffs could have: the Pistons were so superior that there was no excitement at Madison (89-115) ... and neither at Charlotte, where the Hornets needed a favor from New Yorkers, which is certainly not the best situation to be in life. Due to an irregularity that seems congenital, Michael Jordan's franchise did not end his final student bad grip and he remains out, a failure that may imply, above all, that Kemba Walker played his last game with a team with Much to think about now.

These will be the East 2018-19 playoffs: Bucks-Pistons and Celtics-Pacers on one side of the draw, Raptors-Magic and Sixers-Nets on the other. For the first time in eight years there will be an NBA finalist other than Heat and Cavaliers and LeBron will not come to the fight for the ring from the East. So, at least for that, the fight is exciting. There are three teams that come back (Nets, Magic Pistons for Cavaliers, Heat and Wizards) and a top 5 that was already decided and in which the Bucks start with field advantage in all the series after reaching the 60 victories and ending with 16 more than last season. Toronto (58-24) has won one game less with Kawhi, the Sixers (51-31) also one minus and the Celtics (49-33), who arrive all the course in a disaster wreck, six less (49-33) ), subject with bad explanation. The Pacers have maintained the same record (48-34) despite having played without Victor Oladipo since January 24. Much merit.


But everything depended on the Knicks ... and so it was impossible that there was at least a little emotion. The Pistons already won by 16 in the first quarter, by 27 in the second, by 36 in the third and reached +40 (69-109) less than five minutes from the end of the game that returns them to the playoffs, for second Finally in a decade and first since 2016. Finally deserved, although relegated to eighth place and a very unequal a priori fight against Milwaukee Bucks, we will see with what Blake Griffin: the power forward could not play because of the problems of knee that drags , a serious clouds ahead of that first round.

Reggie Jackson (14 points in the first quarter, 21 with 7 assists total) and Andre Drummond (10 + 7 rebounds and 20 + 18) certified what was finally a procedure while falling on the Madison triples of Ellington (12 points) and Kennard (27). The Hornets knew very soon that their game against the Magic would not be worth anything. They had been, in the end, in the hands of the Isaiah Hicks, John Jenkins, Henry Ellenson, Kadeem Allen ... The Knicks finish at 17-65, match their worst season (in 2014-15), have been since 2013 without reaching 40 wins and have added 77 in the last three seasons together. Now it's time to talk about Zion Williamson, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving ... it may be the summer of the lottery jackpot. Or rather they'd better be, because if not ...


So, surely, it had to be the last game of the season for a disappointing Hornets, which ends in 39-43, finally two games of an eighth place very cheap: with the melancholy aroma of the certainty of the triumph of the Pistons, which left them without options, and the cries of 'MVP' to Kemba Walker, who may have played his last game with the franchise Carolina after eight years, three All Sy a course of 25.4 points and almost 6 assists on average that has not served at all. Again.

Que Kemba finished with 43 points and 5 assists and his team lost seems a cruel summary of recent times in the Michael Jordan franchise. That Nico Batum did not add and only added 2 rebounds also says a lot about how things have been in a team that ends up full of questions, pending the decision of Kemba and in which they finish 17 years in a row in playoffs Tony Parker. Enfrente , the Magic demoted (even without Vucevic) their better health. Quite simply: Terrence Ross scored 35 points, Aaron Gordon 27 and DJ Augustin 18. Steve Clifford (formerly of the Hornets, ironically) has done a fantastic job in his debut in a team that also has a lot of room for improvement for the future (Bamba, Fultz ...) and that he did not play playoffs and ended in positive (42-40) since 2012.444444

Hurons and Magic had an identical 31-38 after 69 games. From there, 8-5 for Carolina and 11-2 for Florida, who without a sound have had one of the best defenses in the NBA in recent weeks and are preparing to find a surprise a priori impossible against Toronto Raptors. To those who, by the way, won the only time they have met (first round of 2008) in the playoffs ...

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