The detail that shows why the Ferrari engine dominates in F1

The exhausts of the 064 power unit are oval as it passes through the cradle of the transmission to accelerate the extraction of gases and increase the power.

"His performance in straight is incredible and his power is unattainable for the rest. are five tenths" . This was the verdict made by Toto Wolff, after the conclusion of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2019, on the performance of the unit 064 power on board the Ferrari SF90.

Un propeller designed, manufactured and perfected by a remarkable group of engineers led by Corrado Iotti, which during its assembly phase on the east coast of the Persian Gulf, could be verified one of the details by the which is considered by Wolff as the reference engine of the Formula 1 World Cup 2019.

The main exhaust and Wastegate of the Italian machine have not only narrowed this winter to cover a very aggressive cooling system that would allow the rear part of the machine to be tightened as efficiently as possible. single-seater, but also han have been oval as it passes through the cradle of the 111 1111 transmission to generate a high pressure zone and accelerate the gases emitted by the combustion chamber towards the final circular part of this element, in an attempt to achieve more power.

A design, where surely the usouse of the technology 4.0 will have reduced its time of production, que plate that in Maranello nothing has been left to chance in its attempt to return to reign in the 'Great Circus' eleven years after.

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