The derby clings to Europe

Villarreal looks for air and Valencia, go to Champions (21:00, Mov. LC). Calleja will repeat with substitutes in the return of Marcelino to his house.

El Villarreal, in descent, and Valencia, in the heights of LaLiga, are separated by 16 points and 12 posts in Spain. However, you can see the faces in this derby with the same body cut and, like the rest of mortals, with the mind set on the weekend ( follows the match live on The Submarine, unbeaten in this competition, comes from starring in a black week. The Valencia, who flew, stumbled before the Rayo and moved away from the fourth place. Thus, it seems inevitable that anxiety marks the first leg of a tie that will lead to great news: at least one equipo Valencian will be in semifinales.

Today there will be several contrasts. Calleja, despite being in the quarterfinals, will bet on the suplentes in search of positive feelings, while Marcelino, which sees in the Europa League the fast track for return to the Champions, could receive more love than La Ceramica lately. Not to reward his promotion with Villarreal and the semifinals of Europe and Cup, along with other ex like Gabriel and Cheryshev, but to compensate for his bad drink in Vallecas.

This will be the noveno showdown between Spaniards in the competition; the third in quarters. Valencia already eliminated Villarreal in 2004 (1-0) in their European debut, with Calleja short. However, he accumulated four disappointments in the last duels against compatriots: Atleti (2), Sevilla and Athletic. Up to here he has arrived after resurrecting, eliminating Celtic and performing a miracle in Krasnodar. It will not have Kondogbia, operated, nor Soler, sanctioned, although it will have 1,400 faithful at his side.

El Villarreal, more released on Thursdays, left in the cuneta Sporting and Zenit and boasts that in the league battle has won more (16) than lost (14) against his closest rival. Before the poderío che led by Rodrigo, will remain wrapped around a 3-5-22 with Fornals as a genius in rehabilitation and with Bacca and Gerard up in full change of poster. They wore the one of stars and now they load the one of dangerous meritorios.

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