The comeback of Leganés: from the red lantern to watch Europe

He only won one game and tied another in the first seven days. Now it is rooted: if a classification was made of the last 10 days, it would be 6th.

Hubo sorpasso. It is not the first time it is produced, but to repeat it at this stage of the season speaks of a positive trend. From a released Leganés. For the second time in the season, the team of Mauricio Pellegrino has surpassed the best historical score of the team in one day of the championship. First it happened on the 25th date. Now, with the triumph that the pepineros reaped yesterday against Valladolid (1-0, goal of Carrillo in the 96 ') has repeated a feat that, to top it off, shows the team to the balcony of Europe . The Lega continues to dream.

Last season, when the 30th day of the championship was reached, the team accumulated 36 points. A course before, the premiere among the best, on that same date, the men of Garitano were 27. They finished the championship with 35. Now they are 39 that has harvested Skinny and his boys.

Cierto. The Leganés, as the Pellegrino himself insists, does not have a long tradition in Primera behind him. That is why in this initial walk through the highest category the deeds fall frequently. Yesterday, without going any further, the goal of the triumph was the goal 100 of the Blue and Whites in the elite. However, seen with perspective, there is much merit in this new overtaking.

From the red lantern to the comeback

Merit, first, for how was the start of the season. In the first seven days the team only added one victory and one draw. So bad was the beginning, that on the third day the Leganés fell for the first time in relegation places in its history in First. It was bottom for three days and remained in the well until the 13th round, when the win against Alavés (1-0) allowed to evade the danger zone. Since then (November 23), the Leganés has gone in clear upward trend.

Thus, since that day the Leganés has only lost five of 17 games and has added more than half of the points in play, this is , 26 of 51. Focusing the focus in the most recent period, if a classification of the last 10 days was made, the Leganés would be sixth, with 17 points just ahead of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético, Valencia and Athletic.

Contained ambition

Inertia is, therefore, positive. Despite this, although the mattress is already 10 points with respect to the descent zone, in Butarque nobody wants to talk about virtual or insured permanence. They do admit (obviously) that a lot of the work is done. And sotto voce, dare to say that it is not ruled out to look at Europe if the streak continues. The sixth place is seven points.

"In football I do not rule out anything, football is for those who want to be in the top 10. It is a privilege to arrive in Europe, but we thought match by match", commented yesterday After the meeting Mauricio Pellegrino.

Guido Carrillo seconded the speech of his coach. "Obviously we do not rule out anything, Dreaming is allowed for everyone, but we have our feet on the ground, I hope we follow this path," he said after his historic goal. Tan historical like this Leganés that started in the rubble and goes, for now, way of the sky.

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