The collapse of Bale

Such a day as today, five years ago, gave Madrid the Cup after the famous race with Bartra. Now he is a substitute and has a foot and a half outside ...

Bale's life has changed a lot in the last five years. Today, on April 16, 2014, he wrote his name in the history books of Madrid: his goal in the Cup final, after the famous race with Bartra, gave the title to Madrid. It happened with Cristiano watching the game from the stands (he was injured) and with excited Madrid. The Welshman, who had arrived as the Portuguese's heir, seemed to confirm the expectations he had placed on him in his first big game. Shortly after, on May 24, the illusion increased: also marked in the second final played by Madrid that season, against Atlético in Champions.

Since, it was a mirage. That year, the one of his theoretical adaptation, shot the illusion of the fans, but Bale has never finished responding on the field. Between physical and attitude problems, his time at Madrid has had less lights than shadows. After scoring 22 goals and conceding 19 assists in his first year in white, it was minus. What should have been the beginning of a promising white stage was actually the roof, as he could never overcome those 22 points from his first course: 17 did in 2014-15, 19 in 2015-16, nine in 2016-17, 21 in 2017-18 and 14 in the current one, in which it seems highly unlikely that it reaches those 22,

The last campaign he approved it in extremis. He came to the final stretch as a substitute and started the Champions League final against Liverpool from the bench. However, his two goals in the second half changed the plan of the club, which had decided to transfer it. He left Christian and also Zidane. Lopetegui arrived and the Welshman, who had been more out than inside, became the flag of the new project.

Le granted the leadership he always claimed and the failure has been resounding. Not only has he performed well below expectations, but ended up being a substitute in the decisive games of the course. Now, after a season without titles, the end of Bale is coming as a Madrid player: the club has put him on the market and intends to transfer him next summer. Five days after conquering the fans in that Copa Copero played in Mestalla, Bale faces what will probably be his last games with the Madrid jersey ...

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