The club responsible for the environment in Mendizorroza announces its cessation of activities

She feels harassed by the Anti-violence Committee and the fines.

Extraordinary Assembly of "Iraultza 1921" and decision to cease "sine die" activities. The National Commission of Antiviolence included it in the list of violent group and, since then, nothing has been equal.

Iraultza ("Revolution") is responsible for the environment that was at the bottom of Mendizorroza. They sang, danced and cheered during the 90 minutes of the matches. They were, in addition, authors of the best tifos of history in Vitoria.

Organizaban events with concerts, authors of rap, demonstration of "street shows" and montaban tributes to historic Alava's deceased as is the case of the mountaineer Alberto Zerain, ochomilista crashed in the edge of Maceno del Nanga Parbat. They are also responsible for the murals that there are now in each and every one of the doors that there are in the stadium with paintings of historical moments of the club.

The relationship with the club was very good and they had priority when it came to getting tickets for the trips. Viajaban practically to all the fields of First and they did not stop to animate and to push to its equipment.

También have been had them stiff with the LFP. Every time the 12th minute of the clashes arrives in Vitoria, the classic "Tebas, go now ..." is sung . On the other hand, they have been pioneers in denouncing the games on Mondays. "No to league football during the week" , they used to say. For some months, the National Commission of Antiviolence included them among the dangerous groups and have already received several proposals for fines for the display of their name or their slogans.

In Mendizorroza, however, they have another vision of them and they are considered as the real engines of the ambientazo that there is in the stadium. When a few weeks ago, all the subscribers were summoned to enter the field late and held a funeral to officiate at modern soccer, the response of 15,000 members was practically unanimous. No one sees them as "dangerous" , seconded the idea.

The assembly yesterday was devastating. All the members of "Iraultza 1921" joined and voted to stop their "sine die" activities . Perhaps to find the support of the club, which also takes advantage of their energy and uses them continuously in marketing campaigns. Facing continuous fines is another story (each proposal is around 30,000 euros). Nearly midnight on Friday they communicated their decision. A few minutes later, messages of support from the media, individual journalists, amateurs and even players from the first staff or from some who left the organization.

surfaced "Sad news for Alava, hopefully everything will be solved and that you return to our side ", commented in a tweet the captain Manu García. New show of solidarity from a player from Vitoria who has always celebrated all the successes of the entity in the Sports Center together with the clubs. Iraultza is always there.

"I like football and I am very sorry for this news, I hope it will be solved in all fields, because anyone who likes football, would like the atmosphere in each match in Mendi As we like it now that we have it in San Mamés. "Animo asko (a lot of encouragement)". They are very heartfelt words of Ibai Gómez, currently at Athletic Bilbao. Before returning to Bilbao he was awarded by "Iraultza 1921" as "one of ours". Total empathy with the entire staff. Every Sunday.

Tomorrow, at 11:30 am, all the media and also the amateurs are summoned at the door of the pediments. Support actions are not ruled out with the members of the "Iraultza 1921" club as of now.

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