The Clippers knock the Warriors home with a comeback for history

The Angels recovered 31 points difference, the biggest comeback in the history of the playoffs. Lou Williams, unstoppable (36 + 11).

Somebody said before starting the playoffs that this was the most unbalanced elimination in recent decades. A statement with which surely they were being carried away by the current of thought established from the beginning of the course that the Warriors are going to take this ring almost without batting an eye. And if they win it nobody will be surprised, but that's why these Clippers were not going to give war is to have seen very little NBA this season.

Saying this, what happened tonight in Oakland has very difficult explanation. That some Warriors (with all that that means) te go winning of 31 in the third quarter, finish with almost 40% in triples and throw 45 free throws and that in the end you take the victory to house, that is not the bet nor the most risky. Because we are talking about the biggest comeback in the history of a playoff game. In the home of the champion of three of the last four rings and maximum candidate to revalidate the title. And after they took you off the track two days ago. If miracles exist, today something very similar has been experienced in the Oracle Arena.

Everything pointed to the match would be similar to the first, with the Warriors imposing their game and rising in level little by little: 33-25 in the first quarter, 40-25 in the second. So until shortly before the equator of the third achieved that advantage of 31 points. Curry (29 points, 6 assists and 3 steals) plugged in all colors, Durant (21 + 5 + 5 + 3) itched here and there, Klay (17 + 3 + 2 + 2) put his shots. Even Looney (19 + 5 in 20 minutes) brought quality before DeMarcus Cousins' injury. Not even the retirement of the pivot, with very bad looking by the way (could have the quadriceps very affected) disturbed the locals .

But suddenly, everything that worked like a clock stopped doing it and the other side began to believe it. First little by little, as an attempt to make up the result. But seeing that the rival did not respond, they decided that why not. They had reached the playoffs on their own merits, nobody owed them anything and nobody was going to reproach them for eliminating the Warriors. What they could throw at their face is that they were not themselves. So they rolled the blanket to the head, began to play as they have done much of the season and in that version, these Clippers have proved that they are a very dangerous team. The 85 points of the second part is the franchise record.

Specially if they have a Lou Williams in a state of grace. The escort finished with 36 points and 11 assists, with a 13/22 shot in the field. No one in the history of the Clippers has gotten so many points from the bench in a playoff game. In the fourth quarter, and as the end was approaching, it seemed that not a single shot was going to fail, giving one Absolute display of how to play in the pick and roll. Next to him, the regulars: Harrell (25 + 10) and Gallinari (24 + 4 + 6 + 2). Beverley was sent off with four minutes left and Durant when it was a minute and a half. The Clippers tied and Curry gave the last breath to his team with a tremendous triple to put them back up with 50 seconds to play. The next two plays of the Warriors: two shots of three failed, one of Klay Thompson released and another of Curry very forced.

On the other side the Angelenos continued giving the impression of knowing better what they did. Even though Williams missed his second free throw of the night (8/10) they were still with their plan. Gilgeous-Alexander, who had entered through Beverley, had two plays that show that we are not facing any rookie. First forcing the penetration to, at the last moment, leave Harrell alone with the ball under the basket. And then pulling the ball out to a Landry Shamet who was going to give the most painful stab: triple (4/9 for him) and two up Clippers. Shamet, by the way, is another rookie who points to draft theft. In this case of the Sixers, but no longer going to enjoy.

Harrell put the +4 from the staff with 5 seconds to play and that's the end of the game. The early Thursday to Friday third round in Los Angeles, with the field advantage now for the Clippers and, everything seems to point, without DeMarcus Cousins. If a team should not doubt is the Warriors. At least for the moment. On Friday we will have to revisit this sentence.

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