The Clippers force the sixth and bring back to Oakland the ghosts of 2016

The Warriors did not lose two straight playoff games at home since the day they took off the LeBron and company ring. Lou Williams (33 + 10), brutal.

At the moment we will have to wait to see the long-awaited semi-final between Warriors and Rockets. While the first ones have done their job, the seconds have complicated life and they will have to go to Los Angeles to sentence in the sixth match of the series. That or play everything in a seventh that would be played on Sunday (9:30 pm Spanish time) for which nobody would have bet at the beginning of these playoffs.

Ya is not a risk bet. Anything is possible in this tie because, quitando the first game, we have hardly seen that supposed overwhelming superiority of the champions, total favorites to win his rival. Tonight even has been able to observe a team with clear shortcomings, some of them already known, others intuited. They all came together today, especially in the second and third quarters, when it looked like everything except the Golden State Warriors home.

They had never had such a low bench depth. The two main substitutes, Iguodala and Livingston, begin to give clear symptoms of fatigue, while the rest contribute to droppers. But this night also have appeared those transparent Warriors in defense, so far from the team that has been in charge in the League for years. And, finally, and perhaps most importantly: have given the feeling of not being hungry, of being mentally turned off. And that does not get fixed overnight, no matter how hard you train.

The game leaves a few negative records for Steve Kerr's Warriors. Never under his command had needed six meeting (at the moment) to overcome the first round. They had never gotten 71 points at the break or playoffs at the break or 104 at the end of the third quarter. And only once had they lost two straight home games in the post season: in the 2016 finals, when they blew the first 3-1 in history against the LeBron and Irving Cavs. Without a doubt, the worst moment of this dream team.

All was about to erase Kevin Durant, with the best score of his career in the playoffs (45 points) put his back up with three minutes left after losing from the middle of the second period. The arrival of Durant to the team marked a turning point. Since then the Warriors have been seen most dominant in playoffs. In 2017 they lost no home games and last year only one. This season they already have two and only three have played in the Oracle.

When the locals put 1 up with a mate of Durant, after the Clippers had short-circuited (2 points in five and a half minutes), anyone would have assumed that the game was going to fall on the side of the Warriors. But Lou Williams had other plans. He linked 8 consecutive points, all wonderful, that killed the game. The escort is doing a monstrous series and last night he left another sample of it: 33 points, 4 rebounds and 10 assists.

Next to him, an impressive Patrcik Beverley with bounce record included (17 + 14 + 4) and an infallible Montrezl Harrell (24 + 5), which is a real luxury for that second unit that Williams commands. In those last minutes he was surprised not to see Curry, who only threw a triple (and put it) in the last four minutes. It arrived when the game was already lost. Klay Thompson (22) yes tried, but with irregular success.

The Warriors have enough experience, more than anyone, to turn the situation around in two days. Tomorrow night they visit Los Angeles and they will do it with the pressure of knowing that in the semifinals they will wait for more and more rested Rockets and that, Meanwhile, they have some Clippers in front who do not seem to have any intention of going on vacation.

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