The Celtics return to overcome: Irving, superlative with 37 points

Kyrie Irving was the best of the match. The Pacers tightened much more than in the first, but they sank in the last quarter.

The Celtics take time to get to the games, but they arrive. It's a trend that is repeated a lot since Brad Stevens is the coach and that grows when they play at TD Garden. Perhaps in one of the games of recent times in which most have waited to give the final arreón have managed to put the 2-0 against the Pacers.

In the first game the Pacers rolled in the first half and in the second fell in a dive, as if they had emptied the tank in the locker room. In this second they had a much more sustained growth and they stayed longer in the game. It's the line to follow now that the games arrive in Indiana.

The score remained very even until the third quarter. There those of McMillan distanced themselves thanking the spaces opened by the Celtics, something not very usual, both in the center of the area and to shoot from outside. They failed more in their own hoop than in the other locals. There were individual plays that made up how bad they had returned from the time of rest, but the Pacers left with a dozen points ahead thanks to the contribution of Bogdanovic, Evans and the command of Joseph.

At the beginning of the last period there were 12 (70-82) points of disadvantage for the Celts. The partial total of the last manga would end up being 31-12. Started Jayson Tatum (26 points) with three games of supreme quality and reglon followed followed by Kyrie Irving (37 points) to put a triple and one to their own (81-82) when six seconds were still missing. The blackout was a book for one of the most ironclad defense of the championship, which is not a good omen for them.

The Pacers tried one last effort. Three more triples than the thirteen who scored put one up, 89-91, with two minutes left, but Irving, Hayward and Tatum allied to save the furniture once more.

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