The Bucks win without ruffling despite the return of Griffin

Detroit's are unable to get their hands on the best team of the regular season and equal the worst losing streak in playoff history.

The series between the Bucks and the Pistons came to Detroit after a crushing domination of the first in the two Milwaukee games. The good news for the now locals was the return of Blake Griffin. The star of the team, which was supposed to miss the whole tie with a knee injury, returned in the third match. His team noticed it until the middle of the second quarter, when Griffin had to sit down by a blow on the shoulder and the match was gone forever.

Up then the power forward was very active, giving the feeling of being completely recovered and hurting the opponent from all positions. He finished with 27 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals and, in those initial moments, a bit of hope floated by the Little Caesars Arena. But with less than four minutes of the second quarter a play changed everything. Griffin stole a ball from Antetoukounmpo when the Greek was trying to penetrate the basket. A great defensive movement of Detroit, however, le left him with pain in the shoulder after the crash and was going to get out of the game for a few minutes.

They were about 5, not much more, but enough so that when he returned The Bucks were already winning 15. From there everything was hopelessly on the way to the third victory of the visitors. Antetokounmpo (14 + 10 + 3) began to do of his own, Brook Lopez (19 + 7 and 5 blocks) came the triples and Bledsoe (19 + 6 + 5 + 2) moved through the area of the Pistons as if it were his own home.

Even so, fate had saved the Pistons one last chance to prove they could extend the series. Shortly after the start of the third quarter, two very bad faults whistled at Giannis, who started with four personnel. Budenholzer sent him to the bench. That was when it really became clear that there is no tie. Without the Greek on the court the locals were unable to do the slightest damage to their rival. Moreover, they played worse than ever in the game. In case there was any doubt about who was going to win, Khris Middleton (20 + 8 + 4), the best one in the end, gave them the final stakes. As for the Spaniards, Mirotic scored 12 points in 14 minutes and Pau Gasol still does not play for his physical problems.

This is by far the most unbalanced series of these playoffs. It is, in fact, the fourth in history with the highest point difference after the first three games (+72 Bucks) . And the defeat tonight also is the 13th consecutive Pistons in the post season, matching the worst streak the Knicks had between 2001 and 2012. In Detroit they do not win a match in the fight for the ring since 2008.

The Bucks have been 17 seasons without winning a playoffs eliminator. In the early hours of Monday to Tuesday (02:00) they can break that streak. But even if it is not then, everything indicates that, this time, in Milwaukee they will be in the semifinals of the conference. Not only because they are infinitely superior to their rival, but because nobody has ever rallied 3-0 against.

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