The brutal development that had to move Campenaerts to achieve the record of the hour

The Belgian Victor Campenaerts managed to beat, in Mexico, the record of the hour, making a total of 55.08 km. He had to move a brutal development to get it.

Victor Campenaerts made history in Mexico. The Belgian, of the Lotto, achieved a new record of the hour making a total of 55.089 kilometers, surpassing the previous record of Bradley Wiggins, in 2015 that made a total of 54.526. Campenaerts, doble champion of Belgium and Europe of time trial and bronze world, sacrificed a good part of the season for this challenge, and it went well.

Part of the preparation was made in Namibia, at 1,800 meters high. The Belgian he used in the velodrome of Aguascalientes a plate of 61 teeth and a development of 14 pinions, which required a huge force (Wiggins did it with 58x14). It is a unique design for the occasion, a bicycle called Fyons Mustache. The front extension, was an exact replica of the arms of Campenaerts, so that when supporting them everything was tremendously adjusted.

The UCI gave him the approved without problem ( for the arms did the same in the 2018 World Cup, where it was bronze). The handlebar was another spectacular detail: only 33 centimeters. The professionals use dimensions between 38 and 44. Although this was only the first 15-20 seconds, since they then docked the body during the next hour. And the record came.

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