The Blazers are comfortable in networks taunting the Thunder

After getting the pass to the semifinals have dedicated many messages dedicated to his rival, from the official account to the hero of the night, Lillard.

Next to the Sixers-Nets, this Blazers-Thunder has been the hottest first-round qualifier. The spikes have been constant, especially between the two bases, Lillard and Westbrook. The performance of both has been decisive, in the case of the second not always for good, but it is clear that they have been the absolute protagonists of the series.

El own Lillard, who sentenced the tie with an impressive triple from 10 meters on the horn, have written one of the most celebrated tweets of the post party. Jared Cowley, a journalist who covers the Blazers' information on KGW News, echoed a statement by Paul George saying that the triple, which caught him defending Lillard himself, "was a bad shot." The Base simply put "LOL" , which in its acronym in English means something like laughing loudly.

With regard to Westbrook, during this series has become very famous his mania of not answering the questions of Berry Tramel, something which has been going on for about two years. Every time Tramel asks him a question at a press conference, the base answers him with a "Next question". The official account of the Blazers on Twitter has taken this tradition and to report the final result of the game has accompanied the marker with the text "Next question" .

But it seems that this expression has been quite acceptable within the locker room of Portland , who have taken it as a phrase with which to attack their rival. At the celebration, in the corridors of the pavilion, could see Jusuf Nurkic with a shirt with that message responding to another phrase: "Got bricks? Do you have bricks?", Referring to the Westbrook releases.

Finally, Enes Kanter also used to close outstanding accounts. Before starting the tie, many people pointed to him as the weakest link in the initial quintet. The Turkish was the new starting center after Nurkic's injury, but his traditional problems in the defensive section made him a possible weakness for the Blazers. However, Kanter has surrendered to a remarkable level, outstanding in some cases , and has taken the opportunity to write a tweet recalling that he "can play" .

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