The act collects serious insults from Diego Costa to Gil Manzano

The referee said that the forward said: "I shit on your fucking mother", However, on the lips of Gil Manzano could read: "The fucking mother who bore you."

Barcelona-Atlético suffered an earthquake in the 29th minute Gil Manzano showed the red card to Diego Costa and the rojiblancos were left with ten. According to the record, the athletic player told the referee "I shit your fucking mother" twice. However, seeing the repetitions of Movistar Partidazo, from the lips of the referee it is clear that explaining his decision to Godín, Filipe and other players told them that Diego Costa told him: "The fucking mother who bore you". Both versions differ, although not substantially.

The wording of the minutes of the match reads:

"In the 28th minute the player (19) Da Silva Costa, Diego was sent off for the following reason: To address me at the top of my voice , in the following terms: " ¡ME CAGO IN YOUR PUTA MADRE !!, I FALL IN YOUR PUTA MOTHER!" .

Y then adds another fact that may aggravate the sanction of the player:

"Other Incidences: (Player: Diego Da Silva Costa) Once expelled, even in the field of play, grabbed me on both occasions by the arm in order to prevent it from showing the admonitions to two companions dorsal numbers 24 and 2, respectively. "

Diego Costa is exposed to a penalty of between two and three parties if considered contempt and between four and twelve if you see insult.

Giménez and Thomas, casualties against Celta also

A l waiting for the Extremadura publish the record after the game, the indisputable is the expulsion of Diego Costa. It is the fourth that suffers as Atlético soccer player. The first was in 2010, in a Cup match against the University of Las Palmas; the second, in a 2012 Europa League match against Viktoria Plzen and the third, in 2018, in the second match of this stage: he scored Getafe and saw the second yellow when celebrating with the stands.

The problems for Atlético are not over there. Diego Costa, evidently, will not be able to play the next game against Celta (and surely some more), but in addition Simeone will not be able to count on either Giménez or Thomas, who saw the fifth yellow and will complete the cycle.

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