The 76ers survive the fight with Embiid and two decisive triples

The best game of the series so far left again the Sixers winners, who are already one victory away from qualifying. Tremendo Embiid.

Great battle in the Barclays Center in a beautiful game that had almost everything and closed with a series of triples, one of Redick and another of Scott that decided in a duel for about 76ers that, interestingly, ended with 8/26 (30% ) in that facet.

Fue agitado and not mixed, as if James Bond had asked, since the meeting started. From the previous one, like the previous one and the previous one. All this series is a chain of events that keep the viewer glued to the seat against others with less history or more decided: here is carnaza.

Caris LeVert began dominating and showing itself like a dagger in the first minutes, where it already exceeded the ten score and dressed in mourning the defense of Brett Brown, who had to get the head with actions near the attack ring to match. When the visitors seemed to cut the cod, the 'enforcer' appeared Jared Dudley: he scored a triple and celebrated it imitating a gesture of Ben Simmons, with whom he had crossed a few words in previous days, which made getting up to the stands and putting his teammates on the track of a possible crack in the minds of Philly's. The role of Dudley was going to increase at the beginning of the third quarter, when he pushed Embiid (who was pointed out a flagrant type 1 by a fault to Allen) and provoked a fight that led to Jimmy Butler and he to be expelled. It was measured, Dudley has a head. That was again an emotional impulse for tier and players, who saw the best defender of the rivals go through the locker room tunnel to not return.

Simmons was the biggest enemy, but the danger was in many more places. Tobias Harris came out and gave reasons to be considered as one of the deadly quintet, which he is despite the doubts, of these Sixers; Boban Marjanovic covered file; Joel Embiid was extramotivated after losing the third game, finishing with 31 + 16 + 7 + 6 and with the ironic smile on his face.

LeVert was a machine to do everything right, not only scoring and leaving juices but getting hands, throwing himself It was not only he who battled to the end: D'Angelo Russell, more disconnected than on other occasions in the global calculation of the day, he went to the appointment with his "ice" in the veins "when the time was pressing: a triple and an assist put the Nets inside. The two triples, with the final exclamation point in the Mike Scott from the left corner, finished with everything worked by Kenny Atkinson and took the 3-1 to the locker of this East qualifier.

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