The 7 keys to the victory of Tiger Woods in Augusta

El Tigre conquered his fifth Masters and 15th major on Sunday. Next we shelled the pillars on which he sustained his victory. Trust, stability, Joe LaCava ...

The great sporting deeds are not usually the result of chance and that lit Tiger this Sunday winning the Masters of Augusta 11 years after his last major and 14 after his last Green Jacket can be explained from several points of view. Here's a look at the keys to Tiger's 15th victory in a big tournament:


April 2017 Tiger undergoes his fourth and final operation on his back. Shortly after, in May, he was arrested by the police when he was driving under the effects of the various medications he was taking to alleviate the pains in that area of his body. From there, his life stops tumbling. He undergoes therapy to cure his dependence on these medications and in December reappears in the Hero World Challenge. The pain disappears and, barring some punctual withdrawal, not always for that problem, Woods begins to compete regularly.


It does not take long to re-aim high Tiger. In 2018 two majors, the British (becomes leader in the last day) and the PGA, and returns to savor a victory in September in the Tour Championship, the final of the North American circuit, 1,876 days after the previous. the certainty that he has not lost his touch and that he can replay the triumphs in any scenario. It also retains the look of the Tiger, the same cold and impassive that showed throughout the last day in Augusta. "I've been preparing for this tournament for six months."

Managing pressure One of the strengths of Tiger's career has always been the handling of pressure, something that makes him an almost unbeatable golfer when he's fit. "I'm right where I wanted to be", he said before the Masters, a premonition statements of the confidence that the Tiger had in his possibilities. During the 72 holes he was seen with a gestural language sure, smiling and far from those bitter gestures of when I was not in shape In the final nine holes of Augusta, when the clubs began to tremble, Tiger remained firm.


If in November 2009 his double life was uncovered, one of partying, sex addiction and adultery that led him to lose his wife, Elin Nordegren, now Tiger seems a model father. He has been repeating in recent times that one of the reasons that prompted him to fight again for the great triumphs was that his children could see him doing it and on Sunday, at the champion press conference, he remembered his parents: "Today (by Sunday) was my mother seeing me and in 97 (the year of her first triumph), my father came (died in 2006.) There are many years between those two triumphs, I can not be more excited than right now. explain it with words ".

Joe LaCava

The close relationship that a golfer and his caddy can achieve reaches its maximum expression with Tiger and Joe LaCava, the man who has accompanied him in the last eight years since Cypress left with Steve Williams, with whom he won 14 of his 15 majors At the time of Tiger's decline, LaCava, who was already in the bag of Fred Couples, a great friend of Woods, was a great support and even said that he would have expected him "100 a ". This Sunday was crucial at times like the 12th hole, when Molinari and Finau went to the water and Tigre, better advised, 'chased' the green.

The Tiger Tiger Woods crowd is synonymous with audiences and massive crowd following at tournaments. In the Masters it was not less. The first two games he played with Jon Rahm, which also grows with pressure like the Tiger. Both maintained a symbiosis that took them to the top of the classification. With Tiger up the first two days, attendance at their matches multiplied uncontrollably. On the final day, Molinari, who seemed impassive, suffered the pressure of the moment, while Woods watching his audience came up. He is used to the subject.

Knowledge of Augusta National Augusta is a very tricky field (full of tricks), which is well known. This is why Tiger is an expert, because he played the Masters for the first time in 1995 and has played the major up to 22 times, with five victories, including that of Sunday. That understanding of the National makes Tiger be patient, know how to wait for the moments in which to attack and, above all, get rid of mistakes that can cost a tournament, like the one that had Poulter, Koepka, Finau and Molinari on the 12th hole of the last lap. The four, who were strong candidates for the title, went to the water and lost much of their options. Tiger Woods was the only one that did not derail. A wise man from Augusta, who acknowledged: "I was more patient than I have been in recent years."

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