The 7 expulsions that Atleti complains about at the Camp Nou

The one of Diego Costa joins those of Filipe and Arda, in 2013; again the Brazilian and Godín, in 2016, in addition to Torres; and Carrasco, in 2017.

"All the details were clearly in their favor." Whenever we come here, something always happens, I think that of the eleven games there are seven expelled and for me they are not all fair ", focused Koke Resurrección, Atlético de Madrid midfielder, statements to 'Movistar' at the end of the 2-0 defeat against Barcelona, marked by the direct red to Diego Costa.

The words of the midfielder, seconded by more members of the rojiblanca staff, spoke of the do expulsions in the The 2013 Spanish Supercup, the other two of the 2015-16 League match, the one by Fernando Torres in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals that same season, Yannick Carrasco's Copa del Rey 2016-17 and Diego Costa this same Saturday, the half hour and 0-0.

The seven expulsions to which the Athletic refers:


After the 1-1 of the first leg at the Vicente Calderón stadium, the Spanish Supercup was at stake in the Camp Nou, in a match with 0-0 on the scoreboard, with the direct red first by Filipe Luis, with a penalty later missed by Lionel Messi, against the crossbar of Thibaut Courtois's goal, and with the ejection, already on the bench, by Arda Turan for throwing a bottle on the floor.


In the 79th minute and 20 seconds, with 0-0 on the scoreboard, Filipe Luis and Dani Alves kept up a struggle, in which the Brazilian fell to the ground, on the left wing that after, once lifted and advanced a few more meters, he continued with a shot with the red-and-white arm over the Barça player, who was punished with a red card by the referee of that match, David Fernández Borbalán, after consulting the line of the opposing team. "In the 80th minute, Filipe Luis was sent off for the following reason: throwing his arm backwards hitting the face of an opposing player, finding the ball in play but far from where this action took place." The player did not need assistance continuing the match ", reported the report of the referee.


After, already in minute 88, when Arda Turan had already been replaced by Adrián López -in 71-, and when the game entered in its last moments, the Turkish soccer player "was expelled for leaving the bench addressing the assistant referee number one making observations". "Then the fourth referee went to him to make him return to his bench, throwing a plastic bottle of water against the floor in a sign of disapproval to one of our decisions," said the collegiate .444444


Barcelona and Atlético competed for the League at the Camp Nou. The two added 48 points, the azulgrana team was the leader, by better overall goal difference, and the rojiblanco was second. Atletico first took advantage, through Koke Resurrección, in the 10th minute, and then came back from Barcelona, with goals from Messi, in the 30th, and Luis Suárez, in the 38th. On the edge of the break, Filipe Luis was sent off. In the second half, Diego Godín also.


"In the 44th minute, Filipe Luis was sent off for the following reason: Impact on the knee of an opponent with his foot in the form of an iron, with the use of excessive force, in the dispute of the ball ", wrote in the act the referee of an action on Lionel Messi to the height of the center of the field. The Competition Committee sanctioned him first with three matches, but Appeal then reduced the suspension to one. That same day and in the later ones, much was said about that lack, focusing on the hardness of Filipe. "You have seen my reaction?" Luis Enrique, then a Barça coach, asked a journalist, "I was scared, but he is part of football and nothing else," he said. "That play happens in every game, but as he is the protege of the press and the League, nobody wants that maybe one of the best players in the world is injured and they can not see him play," Filipe explained one month later. a 'TV Esporte Interativo'.


A the expulsion of Filipe Luis on the verge of rest, Atletico then added the double yellow to Diego Godín. The Uruguayan center was reprimanded on two occasions for the same reason "knocking down a rival in the dispute of the ball", the first time in minute 23, the second in 64, with the consequent numerical inferiority of two men of the rojiblanco set for look for the comeback or at least the draw. He tried with Yannick Carrasco as offensive leader.


Two years later,Barcelona and Atlético crossed again in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, again with the Camp Nou as the stage of the first leg, in which the Atletico team came out on top, with a high pressure, with the 0 -1 by Fernando Torres in the 25th minute, with his superior team, with the feeling that he was closer to 0-2 than the 1-1 ... until the forward was sent off for two yellow cards. Then Luis Suárez went up against the visitor's defensive survival exercise.


"I can not say what I think", said Simeone about the forward's expulsion. "It's one of my worst days as a footballer," said the attacker, outside of a game his team won. The decision of the referee generated the debate after the rigor of the second yellow for an action on Busquets in minute 35. Ten had seen the first, for a ticket on Neymar. Then, with ten, Atlético lost its dominance and its advantage. It fell by 2-1. "Here they sent Torres, an icon of world football, for two fouls, after him, they can throw everyone," recalled Simeone on Saturday



The semifinals of the Copa del Rey began with a 1-2 win for Barcelona at the Vicente Calderón stadium. Everything was pending of the Camp Nou, with the indisputable condition of favorite of the azulgrana equipment, more still when Luis Suárez obtained 1-0 to the edge of the rest. But Atlético reacted and had him on the ropes. Sergi Roberto was ejected in the 57th minute, with the rojiblanco team in the pursuit of victory and with a legal goal annulled Griezmann. Then he saw his second yellow Yannick Carrasco in the 70th. Then he missed a penalty Gameiro, who then scored the insufficient 1-1 to force extra time in the Camp Nou.


In the 36th minute, he saw the first card ; in 69, the second. Both for "knocking down an opponent in the dispute of the ball", as drafted in the minutes Gil Manzano, the referee also of the clash of Saturday on the same stage.


The Barcelona faced the appointment with eight points of advantage in the leadership; Atletico, as the last chance to compete for the League. An all-or-nothing match, undoubtedly altered by the action of minute 29 with the ejection by Diego Costa red, when he protested powerfully a foul on him in midfield. According to the referee, he insulted him. That's why he changed his first intention to get a yellow card for the red card. In numerical inferiority, Atletico resisted until the final moments, when Luis Suárez and Messi scored the two goals.


With 0-0 on the scoreboard, with the game matched on the pitch, with the feeling that the match was open and competed, which could be won by either of them, Diego Costa claimed a foul, went to the referee ... And what did he say? There is the divergence. The referee, Gil Manzano, wrote in the minutes the following: "Diego Costa was expelled for the following reason: Address me in a loud voice, in the following terms:" I AM DONE IN YOUR PUTA MADRE!, ME! CAGO IN YOUR PUTA MOTHER !! "" Once expelled, still in the field of play, he grabbed me on both occasions by the arm in order to prevent him from showing the warnings to both dorsal companions 24 (José María Giménez) and 2 (Diego Godín), respectively, "he added.

" Something we are doing wrong because of eleven games here we have seen seven expulsions. I asked the referee if what Diego Costa told him was so serious and he told me what he heard, although Costa told us he did not say that. Perhaps, if Costa said something so serious, it seems good ", said while the coach Diego Simeone, who complained about the different scale with other Barcelona players when they protest some action to the members.

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