The 5 Bahrain conclusions: Ferrari, Verstappen, F1 ...

The disaster of Maranello, the irruption of Charles Leclerc or a Renault engine as good as unreliable marked the second race of the season.

In Bahrain one of the best races of recent times was lived with variable strategies, changes of leader, unexpected victory of Hamilton and breakdowns on the track, which are also part of the races and, somehow, are missing when everything Is under control. Cruz for Ferrari, face for Hamilton, although the battle between Maranello and Mercedes is great news for fans of motorsport.

Ferrari will not be champion like that

In 2018 they fought for the World Cup until their own mistakes and the step forward of Mercedes left them without options But you can not aspire to a title by giving away points when your car is the best of the weekend. First because there are two pilots per team and, in case of breakdown of the leader, must win the second. And adding the problems of Australia, Ferrari can not have gotten less revenue from its great SF90 and the talent of Leclerc. Although Vettel needs to punch at the table.

Charles Leclerc yes

"The moral winner" in the words of Toto Wolff, perhaps to delve into the wounds of Ferrari. But it is a reality that Charles Leclerc is the next big star of Formula 1, the first driver who should have real options to fight face to face against Hamilton and Vettel, the great champions of the decade, even before Max Verstappen.

F1 is in luck

Way of the 1000th grand prix, to be held in China, the F1 vibrated in Bahrain with an exciting race from start to finish, which is how they should all be. Except for Monaco, the only one with a bull for everything its circuit implies. It is no coincidence that Sakhir had 'show': three lines with DRS, which this year is much more powerful, and variety of tire strategies for the possibility of overtaking on the track. That's the way.

Verstappen did what he usually does Verstappen

A Carlos Sainz touched him the bitterest part: he had a McLaren to fight for fourth or fifth place, but in his most serious overtaking attempt was rammed by Verstappen, who slowed down late, he stepped on the piano and leaned on the orange car puncturing a tire and damaging his spoiler. The FIA saw a career break, that's where everything was. Max is always driven to the limit of the yellow card. Although the Madrilenian does not wrinkle: "I would try again". There will be a second part.

The Renault engine, pros and cons

What Renault has made a leap in quality in terms of the performance of its power unit is evident. That reliability, at least in these early races, has plummeted, too. The MGU-K of Sainz broke in 11 laps of Australia, has already mounted the second when there are only two pieces available per season without penalty. And in Bahrain there was simultaneous failure of the cars of Ricciardo and Hulkenberg when they were in the points, an unfortunate image for the manufacturer, which is related to the same piece at least in the case of the Australian.

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