The 4 + 4 of Pol Espargaró

I am happy with our grand prize in Argentina, we finished tenth, the first top 10 of the year.


We are already home after a hard weekend and I finished tired, between the trip and it was very hot, especially on Sunday racing. It seemed that it was going to rain and we were all a little worried, although in the end we had a few days of rain, with a bit of dirt on the track, but that in Argentina is quite normal and the circuit is improving as we go rolling.


I am happy with our grand prize, we finished tenth, the first top 10 of the year and, in addition, with Miguel Oliveira eleventh, just behind me, something that is a good sign for KTM. From the first training we improved a lot on what we had done in the last two years, and although everyone is at least progressing we can cut back on a track that had been very difficult for us since we debuted with this bike. In fact, we knew that these first three races were going to be complicated, and Austin is still missing, but we have added good points in the general and see if we can keep this line.


Mi fight of the end of the race was very curious, with Miguel squeezing me from behind and with my brother in front. With this situation I decided to attack earlier than I would have wanted Aleix, because I did not want to continue having Oliveira to my wheel, and I gave him a break and he was able to give me back the overtaking on the last lap and finish just ahead of me. Well, I was very respectful to my older brother and I 'let' him finish ahead!


For KTM it was also a good day in Moto3, with the first victory of Masiá. I was very happy for him, he was very skilled in a race in which it was impossible to know what would happen. I am also happy for my brand, because the start in Qatar was difficult, the Honda dominated a lot and here they did first and second.


In Moto2 things got a bit complicated. Lecuona could be fourth, but Binder suffered a little more and the same Martin, who also arrived a bit touched after surgery just back from Qatar. But 111111 we had a super fun race, with Remy Gardner first and fighting a lot with Schrotter or Alex, and in the end Baldassarri took the victory, very currada. He came out very strong after winning the first grand prize and is now the leader of the World Cup.


What will I say about MotoGP? Marc did not give any opportunity to others, of course to me who was tenth less ... But neither Valentino nor Dovi, who are the ones who shared the podium with him gave them a chance. He was intractable. In Argentina he usually goes fast but what he did on Sunday was incredible.


Ah, that many people ask me: the penalty to Crutchlow at the start. I think you have to say that it is a fair sanction, if you read the regulation, where it clearly says that you can not move the bike anything before the traffic light goes off. But on the other hand it seems to me exaggerated, I do not know if there is To fine-tune so much ... In any case, the riders get together on Fridays and I'm sure we'll talk about this in the next GP.

Soon at home.

We will continue fighting. At the moment I am tenth in the general and now we are going to Austin, to a circuit that I have already told you that it will be the most complicated for KTM, although we always have to go with an open mind because we are noticing our improvements. And, I do not deceive you, already wanting to finish these first three tests and get to Jerez, home, and return to see all the fans. Keep very attentive!

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