The 1x1 of Real Madrid: Courtois does not give up; Bale, chopped ...

Madrid crashed in Vallecas in a game that continues to be marked within the Zidane casting. Only Courtois was at his usual level.


Debutaba with Zidane and was the highlight of Madrid. Good stop in the 9th minute in the first clear of Rayo. Initial solidity. Then a one-on-one with Pozo, again, on 17 '. He could not do anything in the 1-0 penalty. In the second half he added two more stops. Keylor is the starter in the eyes of Zidane, but the Belgian does not throw the towel.


Dio the feeling that he had broken in a clash in the 30 'but he could continue. Very detached in enough rayist attacks, is far from its best version.


Da feeling that the central that accompanies always makes life easier for French and not the other way around. In Vallecas it happened again. More present Vallejo. The Frenchman is a shadow and Madrid needs Ramos ...


Very good to the cut in the early stages, in the 22nd minute he got confused, Javi Guerra won the back and the central Zaragoza was forced to grab him and make the penalty that it meant the 1-0. Despite that, he has fulfilled the two opportunities that Zizou gave him.


Inoperante above and little applied, being generous, behind. Once it is clear that Zidane has given him the left band of the coming season and he has said he is staying, he is almost on vacation.


Better as a stopper to seal the cracks between Varane and Vallejo that stops take out the ball played. The match will not help him to reconcile with Zidane.


After being passive in the Coliseum although he only played 13 minutes, in Vallecas he suffered to impose and failed. Another one that is tarnishing his deserved prestige since Madrid is not playing anything.


A very blurred. He never knew how to become strong between Mario Suárez and Agbo. It was replaced. The end of the season is getting long ...


He had one of the best white chances of the first half but his header, obviously not his main course, was diverted. It was the first Real Madrid change. He is in the tail car of Zidane's preferences and it shows that this affects him.


Before the VAR intervened in the penalty for Rayo, the ball came to the Welshman and failed in front of Alberto for trying to score with the Exterior. A symptom of where your head is. He tried more in the second half, even missing, but it was not his day. It's 396 minutes without scoring ...


With Benzema injured at last his opportunity came. He began active, but it is not Benzema, able to move the chains of the attack, and the vague rhythm of Madrid hurt him. It ended up being replaced. It is more out than inside.


He left for Ceballos and at least tried to find Alex Moreno tickling. So much that claimed a penalty from the side rayista in 72 '. The only change that generated movement in Madrid.


Entracted by Modric in the 73rd minute. He did not have time to invent anything.


He jumped into the field in the 81 'for Mariano. He stuck to the right wing, with hardly any success.

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