The 1x1 of the Pucela: Yoel was the cross and Joaquín, the face

Real Valladolid saved a point, and could achieve all three, after half an hour of unfortunate game in which the Galician goalkeeper was very unfortunate.

Real Valladolid added a point in Mendizorroza after losing 2-0, in a match that, finally, deserved to win and should have won because of Alavés' level of motivation. Joaquín, in his position as midfielder, was the best.

YOEL: Nefarious match of the Galician goalkeeper. He failed with a crash in the first goal and could do much more in the second. MUY MAL

ANTOÑITO: He did not have problems in defense despite facing Jony, in attack did not intervene correctly and saw the fifth yellow, will not play against Girona. REGULAR

KIKO OLIVAS: A good game for the central defender who beat the two strikers from Alava. In attack he joined bravely, but it must happen sooner. I risk too much. BIEN

CALERO: The boecillano was also good in defense, he finally got a ball that slipped, although it seemed that the goalkeeper was missing. BIEN

NACHO: The best against Getafe was not successful in the centers, while defense clearly exceeded Inui. REGULAR

KEKO: Barely intervened, he felt muscular discomfort and was replaced in the minute 20.

BORJA: Mal party of the midfielder returning after injury. He gave a terrifying pass to Yoel on the first pass and was not comfortable in the match. It was replaced at half an hour. MAL

JOAQUÍN: The best of the game. In his midfielder position he sent, cut and did not get complicated in the start. In addition, he scored 2-1. MUY BIEN

PLANO: Disconnected, intermittent, but when it receives it tries to drive too much. He put the missing ball in the 2-1. BIEN

UNAL: Turkish improves every day, it is not a finisher, but it does a lot of aerial work. He returned to score from penalty. BIEN

GUARDIOLA: He does not dial, but he does a brutal job. He had three clear chances and did not hit, but forced a 2-2 draw. BIEN

También played:

WALDO: He jumped to the field by Keko and tried for his left wing without success. It seemed to reach the final stretch of the game with little gas. BIEN

MÍCHEL: He entered the half hour of the match and the team improved a lot in the circulation. The pity was that he also ran out of gas too soon. BIEN

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