"The situation is not easy because the outside does not help anything"

"In this season we are not going to win anything, our head is already in. Playing for nothing is complicated," said Zidane after the triumph against Eibar.

Zinedine Zidane appeared before the media to assess the suffered triumph of Madrid against Eibar. The white coach praised the good work of the team in the second part: "The players have reacted very well, they took pride" .

Satisfacción: "Very high, we can be very happy with the second part, not with the first. The players, knowing that it has cost us a lot in the first part, in the second part was different. We enter with another mentality. And especially playing as a team, running more, fighting more. We achieved a good result ".

How do you rate the pride of the team? " They took it out in the second half. They know the complicated situation that it is. You have to accept when things are worse but always together, helping your partner and that's what they did. "

Benzema:" I'm happy for him because I think he's going through a good season, but he also knows he needs his teammates. What I have to do is congratulate Benzema but also everyone because the second part has been very good. And they got, together, a very good result. "

What did he say at the break? " I'm not going to tell you what we've talked about. We had to change our second 45 minutes because we could not continue like in the first part. What they did is that, we played more as a team, we ran more together and totally changed the game. In the first part we lacked confidence, especially at the start of the game. But in the end you have to congratulate everyone because they are the ones who fight. The second part they changed. They got together, they helped each other a lot in the field and it was completely different to the first part. "

What explanation does it give to parties like today? " It's a complicated moment, the situation is not easy because the outside does not help anything , but you have to accept. In the end it is the players who have to come out of that, along with the coaches. It's a situation where you do not have to look for excuses, but to get out of there ... It's like when you have a good run, you keep winning. When you have complicated it is difficult to leave. But what the players did today is that: in the first part bad and in the second very good. We lack confidence. When I see my players not try to play ... something has happened to us in the first part. I stay with the positive. From the situation we are going to leave little by little, insisting on working and thinking positively. In the season we will not win anything, in our head it is already. Playing for nothing is complicated. I do not say that to say we're going to quit and stop fighting, no. That's why the second part was very good, they took it forward. But thinking that the seven games that we have left until the end we will have to fight as a team and between us ".

A most important Benzema in the team:" It always was. What happens is that he is scoring more goals. Karim knows that the team has been important to him and that I want to emphasize. "

Benzema as leader: " I'm happy with him. I do not think he's the one who has worked the most in the second half, they've all done it. He is having a great season and that is why the perception of the people has changed. All have pulled the car. "

Benzema, head of the new project: " It may be, but what we have to do is finish the season well, because that will make us prepare well next. The role of the coach is to see the good things. Now we have almost ten days to prepare the next meeting. "

Very angry at rest: " I will not say it. The coach is important in a complicated moment and we had a reaction, but it was the players, who took pride and showed that together things can be taken out. "

Bale, near the start: " We'll see. I will not say what will happen. He's from Madrid and he has two years left on his contract. It is not the time to talk about that. And we do not rejoice at the whistles, but the public wants their team to do better. We have to get out of there alone, because we do not risk anything. In any case, we have to try to be second. "

A special triumph: " I'm happy for the players, because the situation is not easy. We have to do more. It is not necessary to say that there was a tactical change, but that the players changed the chip and helped each other. "

Isco:" He is training well, but I do not want to talk about any particular player. Play more than before and I have not seen any changes ".

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