Simmons shuts down mouths and leads 76ers who win without Embiid

Ben Simmons completed his best game so far in the NBA Playoffs. Tobias Harris and he missed the injury due to Embiid's injury.

Many made mofa with him. It has had to go to the step of the abucheos of its own public, but the colmo has been given -precisely and as if of a very bad premonition it was- in the preview of this third party of the series. It has been viralized by social networks a poster in which the face of Ben Simmons appeared accompanied by a hurtful "Se busca", as if it had not appeared yet: #CD. An item of the Wild West in the more complex East of recent years. Y Ben Simmons appeared: 31 points and 9 assists, signing a 11/13 on field goals and a 9/11 on free throws. Not only this is the only thing in the cocktail, no: in the previous Jared Dudley charged against Simmons, saying he excelled in transitions but that he was "the heap" when playing in static. The Nets put a lot of pressure on the young Australian and he took it off with basketball.

The Sixers booked Joel Embiid seeing that the sensations in the second game, with the average center lame, had been much better than the grotesque of the first day. Brown did not trust the starter, however, in Boban Marjanovic but in Greg Monroe, an interior of an incontestable class and that marries very well as a replacement for the Cameroonian but that is very short of filming. He played 25 minutes because Marjanovic was also involved in fouls problems and he fulfilled his function well.

The Nets were emboldened, either by playing again on their home ground or because they know that surprising starters have more options to take him. It did not last long and that defensa came to light. Butler helped Simmons well and the Nets' exterior production as DeMarre Carroll, Joe Harris or even Rodions Kurucs, which plays more inside, was undermined by the rise of lines from Brett Brown's men. If the Nets do not have that support, they suffer a lot because they can not pull only what they do or undo D'Angelo Russell, who was sober once again (26 points) and contributed what they left.

A highlight also the good work of Tobias Harris. On a night when Mike Scott was not even the shadow of what is being on this team, a really valid player for the 3 + D, Redick and a superlative Harris (29 points and 16 rebounds) gave wings to the attack of the Philadelphia, who came to beat their historic record in the playoffs and returned to splurge points in the Barclays Center.

Los 76ers are put for the first time in charge of this tie and recover the factor-field with which they entered it. At Nets they can only recover image.

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