Simeone: "I want Costa to stay, I trust him to death"

The Atlético coach appeared in the pre-match against Girona. He praised a Costa that will be low for the game.

Simeone attended the media in the press conference prior to Atlético-Girona this Tuesday (19:30). The Argentine coach assessed the situation of Diego Costa, in the face of his recovery and, in the long term, his future as a rojiblanco.

How is Diego Costa?

The doctor marked what he has in the part, tomorrow he will not participate and hopefully he will be for the game on Saturday.

This is Alex Telles

I have always been very respectful with the kids that come out who can come We are playing a league with nine dates left, tomorrow we measure ourselves against a rival that costs us a lot and that is what worries us. I focus on the players we have until the end of the season and after this the club will report.

Do the rumors hurt by Griezmann?

I think the team is calm. The other day he was angry because he wanted to keep playing and he's fine. He is one of the captains of our team and if he will have to report something he will be, but we see him very hooked for the end of the season and hopefully he can return to the goal.

What is the reason for this injury?

We have not had a preseason according to the needs that the League would demand and serve for the future.

Do you convince the pair Diego Costa-Morata?

We can not think so far, seven years ago we managed game by game so We think of Girona. The possibility of the other day seeing them together was positive, it is an option, a possibility that needs work, it is necessary to compensate the equilibria as a result of what you are looking for in the match.

It is profitable to keep on Diego Costa?

Los numbers in terms of presences have not been consistent with the illusion generated by Diego. But I hope that if this year ends and he can do a good pre-season and he does not have a bone injury he will continue to give us many things. I want Diego to stay, to have continuity and he is at an ideal age, I trust him to death.

Does it disadvantage him not to renew his players in the long term?

Is a question for the club.


I want it and I want it to stay. Whenever he's been he has allowed us important things. On his return we won the Europa League, being second in the league, we won the European Supercup ... his presence with his teammates ranked us.

What do you expect from tomorrow's match?

A tough game, with a coach that has changed the ways of playing, possibly tomorrow we will return to the line of five that has done so much damage against them and it will be an important match, we have few options so we need to win and we hope to work accordingly.

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