Simeone: "I thought they did not give us the goal, we're used to it"

The Atlético coach spoke about the possibilities in the league: "With so many starting points the situation is complex, but until the end we have to fight."

Diego Pablo Simeone valued the victory of Atlético de Madrid against the Girona in the microphones of BeIN Sports.

Victoria: "We had a good first half, with goal situations, we had danger, the second time they started better, and from the changes we improved ".

Godín, Griezmann and Oblak: " Great footballers, of the best in the world in their positions "

Golín de Genín:" I honestly thought that they were not going to charge us. "We are used to the goals we make in these Situations do not give them to us ".

Batalla at Camp Nou:" We have to wait for the game, with so many starting points the situation is complex, but until the end we have to fight and for that we must keep winning ".

El Atleti grows: "After the Turin goal it was hard and it's hard because we had a lot illusions in the Champions, but have been competing very well for seven years. We do not want to change and we are not going to change. "

The Atlético coach went on after a press conference.

¿Hay Liga?

Barcelona is winning 0-2, we must continue today's match. , we aim to finish each year as high as possible, we will try to do so.

Are you reassured that Griezmann has broken his drought?

It can happen that a player who always makes goals reaches a stage that does not. He and the team that met again with the goal, insisted with the quality he has, even more after the hand to hand that had been covered before, he always offered and generated chances to score.

What did you think of the game?

We started with hook Koke, but we did not get it right, then we changed with Koke to the right and we felt more comfortable and we got more. s to damage them, in the second time they came out better. It is a team that finds it hard to find the roads. Then we could free the lanes for the goal and the wear and tear of the match and we could get better.

How is Morata?

I hope it's only a blow. He was wearing an ankle after playing with the national team. It was with ice and I hope that after these three or four days can be fine.

Look more to the pursuers than the first place?

I always look ahead and do not move from there.

It seemed that the team came down arms, with some apathy.

Salvo in the first action of Doumbia, I think we feel comfortable. We made chances, a possible penalty to Morata, a crossbar, Griezmann chances ... There was a feeling of danger when the team attacked. The changes gave the team vitality. With Correa, with Vitolo, with Saúl lower ... They waiting for an error of ours and we, to find a space to reach the goal. The first one arrived and then Griezmann sentenced.

There was a strike of animation of the south fund during the first time. What do you think?

The important thing is that we are all together. I understand that the strength of Atlético is that all four legs are firm. If some weak, we must find a way to fix it.

Do you think reaching Barcelona is still possible?

It comes out to tell you that if the season is thrown with an Atletico fighting to get closer to Barcelona or be second in a league that dominate for years Real Madrid and Barcelona, I am surprised.

Se gained a Girona without Stuani.

But it also cost us in the Cup and did not play. And in the Cup match here in Madrid with him we were winning 3-2 and they tied us without him. With or without Stuani, Girona has always cost us.

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