Silva in 93 'leaves Alavés without a win that smelled of Europe

The penalty in favor of the Vitorians was more than doubtful. Jonathan Silva's goal in the discount. The result is not bad for either of them.

Pellegrino was applauded on his return to Vitoria despite finishing in court with the club over the issue of bonuses. The atmosphere was cold in the stands because the Peña "Iraultza 1921" announced its cessation of activities "sine die" because it feels harassed by the National Anti-violence Committee and is not very protected by the club albiazul. A penalty.

The two teams began testing. The only plays that were dangerous to the opposite goal were set pieces. Jony executed them with mastery in the Basques while Gumbau (with the left foot) and Rubén Pérez (with the right hand) were the managers in the set pepinero. The key move of the first half came with the more than questionable penalty of Bustinza over Calleri. The two players were struggling for the ball and went to the floor but Mateu Lahoz did not hesitate. Maximum penalty and goal of the Argentine striker. From there, el Lega really squeezed but Pacheco became an insurmountable wall.

Pellegrino tried to find the equalizer in the second half but the babazorros knew how to lock themselves well and even take the ball to the rival field. If the first was a half played with enough rhythm and emotion, the second fell. Al Alavés it was convenient to sleep the game, even ended with three power stations. But the goal came from Silva who, looking perhaps for a center, spliced a center-shot that was really a huge auction. Distribution of points right in Mendizorroza and focus on the following objectives.


Mauricio Pellegrino has considered "just for how it has been the development of the game "the distribution of points in Mendizorrotza in a meeting" closed and very difficult for both ".

He highlighted the merit of his team" in a duel that was complicated by the penalty "and has been satisfied for the point, "an award that came because, he said," we insist until the end despite the difficulty of playing against a very strong Alavés in his field. "" The result is fair and we're happy, "he said

Consider each point added "as a small step" and explained that the Leganés "is now recovering from the complicated moments and that shows that it has maturity."

The technician has praised the form to animate of Iraultza 1921, rock that has decided "to cease its activity indefinitely" by the conflict that it has with the Anti-violence Committee. "When they told me that the crowd was not going to be in the stands, I felt sorry," he said.

"People give a lot of energy with their spirit and here the atmosphere is very nice", he said.

"I have lived it and I hope everything is solved and they can come back, because they are part of the party and the culture of this club", he added.

Ha lived his return to Mendizorrotza "with a bit of nostalgia" and has moved that always be "grateful" to Alavés and Vitoria.

"I have been in the Alavés in two very nice moments of my life and I will always be grateful to these people for how they received me and for how they have respected me, both the players and the I will always love this city and congratulate Alavés for its good time, "he concluded.


The coach of Alavés, Abelardo Fernández, was hurt with the tie to one registered this Sunday in Vitoria before the Leganés and considered that the res The result does not reflect the merits of his team.

"I do not agree that the result was fair, because the one that deserved to win is the Alavés, who played a great game and controlled Leganés in the second half", noted.

Ante a Leganés that "has the virtue of posing very close parties", the coach stressed that Alavés "made the most difficult, put ahead and has hardly suffered in the second part." However, he was resigned to "a goal in the discount that has been a stick, but we must continue."

He praised his footballers after several of them ended up on the grass crying disconsolate after the 1-1, a image that for him reflects "the ambition that they have and that they do not conform only with the objective of permanence" .

"There is still a lot, seven games, and we have to get this point done, cruelly achieved, in the next party, "he said, convinced that his Alavés" will continue to suffer, because the players' effort is titanic and his attitude is ten, so you can not ask for more. "

The Spaniard has expressed his support for Iraultza 1921, that in a "difficult and painful" decision, as the group indicated in a press release, will cease its activity indefinitely due to the conflict it has with the Anti-Violence Committee.

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