Siakam and Leonard give the pass to the semis of the East to the Raptors

The Canadian team did not fail at home and agreed to the next round on the first occasion it had. His two best players added 51.

The Raptors are in the next round. They have been charged to Magic, who only won the first match and by the hair. They have been more consistent and have not suffered excessively. In the final match of ScotiaBank Arena of Toronto they won by 115-96 to close the 4-1 that certifies the pass.

Arrollando from the beginning with a great Kyle Lowry, that launched without fear and saw them enter as never before, the locals took advantage from very soon. Lowry served as the scoring base, what he has always wanted to be and what he has only sometimes approached: 19 assists for 23 pitches scored, the best first part in this aspect of the Raptors in his lifetime in postseason.

Si the 35-19 of the first quarter had been hard to digest for Steve Clifford's team, the 32-23 third when leaving the locker room after break le scratched his throat to more than one in Orlando. Few of his players were saved, the performance of Nikola Vucevic, Jonathan Isaac, Evan Fournier and Aaron Gordon -four of the five starters- was very poor (12/41 in shots) .

The duo of tall forwards returned to work again Toronto: Kawhi Leonard (27 points) and Pascal Siakam (24 points) are a toothache for anyone, although it will be necessary to see if their effectiveness remains before Butler and Simmons ... On the Spanish side sobriety: 9 points and 9 rebounds from Gasol, 10 points from Ibaka.

The Raptors faithful, known for their celebrations outside the pavilion when the playoffs arrive, had a night of jubilation. Now the important thing remains: to pass the cut of the conference semifinals, where last year the Cavaliers gave them a review that still stings and a lot.

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