Shaq asks that Jerry West presides over the Lakers after leaving 'Magic' Johnson

Shaquille O'Neal was in favor of the return of Jerry West, one of the best players in the history of the Lakers, to the franchise.

Shaquille O'Neal was one of the first leendas of the Lakers, whose opiniones calan of prominently in the world of NBA, which reacted to the resignation of 'Magic 'Johnson as president of basketball operations of the angelina franchise. He did it in TNT, the United States chain for which he serves as an analyst.

"I do not know anything that 'Magic' has ever fled, so I hope it's all right," he said to start referring to the reasons given by Johnson.

"He is a general manager who is on the other side of the wall and is a 'laker' by birth, he was the GM when I was there, things worked and they can work again, you will know him by his name, Jerry West If there is someone who can make the Lakers go back to the top, that is Jerry West, "O'Neal explained with absolute conviction.

Shaq remarked in his speech that West was responsible for the transfers that led the Lakers to Kobe Bryant and himself and believes that he could close the circle with another megastar like LeBron James.

Jerry West, however, is now on the other side of the city. Serve Clippers as a member of the executive. He is also known because the silhouette of his body is the one that is marked in the logo of the NBA.

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