Sevilla throws Rayo

The victory of Sevilla (Promes, Munir 2, Ben Yedder, Bryan Gil) allows him to continue aspiring to the Champions League and condemn the Vallecanos, Colistas and Rotos.

Only a miracle allowed a Rayo made paper and with very bad color came alive at minute 55 in the Sanchez Pizjuán. It was then that Promes (55 ') and Munir (57' and 62 ') shattered him in a flurry of just eight minutes in which all the shortcomings he had already taught in the first part came to light. Then, only some stop of Alberto and the mistake of Sarabia, Navas, Mudo, Munir and even Ben Yedder avoided the inevitable. The Rayo, whose drawing did not turn out and left huge spaces on the back of his defense, especially where it entered Munir, proved to be in liquidation. His problem today does not seem even the seven points that separate him from salvation but the feeling of being an absolutely broken team without human capital and conviction in what he does. It is hard to see that decomposition in these teams when the fatal outcome is inevitable and the only thing left is destruction.

As expected, the party had no difficulty for Sevilla beyond falling 1-0. Caparrós put a lot of football in the field with Sarabia, Roque, Mudo and Banega in the middle. And for this final stretch it has been found to Munir. Disappeared André Silva, the million euros that Sevilla paid to Barça for him in January has shown a success. Player with quality and criteria, who has the game in mind, is also a master in the definition. The 2-0, the break to accommodate the definition and the beating, speak of a soccer player who can give joys in Nervión.

Caparrós used the last half hour to oxygenate the team with a view to the final on Sunday at Girona, where wait another dying but this time at home. Mudo Vázquez, Munir and Jesús Navas rested, with 4-0 they went to the field sprint at 33 years old. His image, exuberant, contrasted with the sadness of a Rayo that begins to get used to the idea that a very bitter drink awaits him, the worst possible for a professional First. The icing on the cake put Bryan Gil, 18 years, the last pearl of that wonderful factory of players that is on the Carretera de Utrera. His deceit with the left ankle illusions. The Rayo, scares.

Caparrós: "The record gave us the three points"

Caparrós exhausted in the mixed zone and his analysis of the game confirmed: "We made a full game, we were maturing. We had many chances and we trusted to continue doing the same, very happy for the players and our fans. "

Regarding the missed chances in the first half, the Utrera was not worried about the same :" The important thing is to do times and generate because in the end we put them in, because we have quality players, now to recover the players for our next final ".

On the other hand, the coach wanted to highlight the attitude with which his team jumped to the turf:" We knew that the rival played a lot, which has changed to get players very fast, but we have countered them. constancy made us achieve all three points. A lot remains and now to fight the remaining 12 points, because this will be open until the end ".

Jémez:" Salvation is more difficult, but not impossible "

Paco Jémez, coach of Rayo Vallecano, admitted after losing by 5-0 against Sevilla that "salvation is more difficult, but not impossible" , with his team staying at seven points of permanence when there are only twelve left, which he said forced them to win all four matches they are left ".

" We have to go to all the fields to risk, to win, we are not worth anything else, because our situation is what it is, neither more nor less, "he said in the press room of Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán.

The rayista coach regretted that, after keeping his goal in the first half to zero, they fit the 1-0 at the start of the second, because from there his team wanted to "make Many things in attack and also began to be neglected back, and before a team as good as the Sevilla that can be paid ".

In this regard, he highlighted the paradox that in the first part played with three central and did not fit so much, "and paradoxically in the second, with four behind, was when the goals came" , and considered that his team "have also weighed today all the results of yesterday" of his direct rivals.

"The day was not good, almost allanaron, except Celta, who tied. This has also weighed us because you see that every time the differences are bigger and, apart from the difficulty of the party with Sevilla, it also affects ", he stressed Jémez.

Still, he said he wants to" see people delivered, committed and working, "as he said has happened in the Sanchez Pizjuán despite the result, and said they will" to compete until the end, whatever happens. "

Según Jémez, if the Ray had come to Seville" in other circumstances " , without the "imperative need to have to risk to win", "surely it would not have been" this result of 5-0, but nuanced that, "once you fit the first goal, you have to go up because it was only worth win ".

" In this situation, I do not care to lose by one or four goals, because I want to have the option to win, and this will be the keynote until the end, "said the Cordovan coach.

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