Sergio catalogs the match against Girona as "crucial"

The coach of Real Valladolid expects his team to take a step forward in search of salvation and will have Moyano on the right side.

Sergio González, coach of Real Valladolid, sees in the game against Girona "a final, a match that is crucial. We have good games at home where we only lack results and this match is against a direct rival, so the score is double, so you add up and what the opponent stops adding. It is a final with capital letters "and recognized that" we play more. They play a lot, but we play more because we have fewer points. We have to show that we want those points. " This is what the technician who will not be able to count on Keko, through injury, but with Moyano, on the right side, although he acknowledged that "the list of injured at a decisive moment is broad, but we have the potential to compensate for those absences. "And insisted that" we are one of the teams that has suffered the least muscular injuries. The same ones have coincided in the same period of time ".

The technician acknowledged that" these days it served us, above all, to cleanse the head because you work doing it throughout the year. We already have the clear idea, we must have it very assimilated and we have to recover, remove the dust that we have left the Alavés party residue. We are aware of what happened. What has happened is not going to add us, but what is coming and the head is very important ".

A when talking about the Girona, the technician said that" he has handled the two structures. The line of five and the line of four. When he has removed his head he went to the line of four and when he has looked for safety he has gone to five and that is what we think he will do tomorrow. We are clear about how to attack them, how to deal with them, how to harm them and, above all, it will be very important attitude and not be afraid to do things. For them it is important the set piece, the centimeters, is a team that makes 40% of their goals at set pieces and there we have to be strong. We do not have to be afraid of anything "and added:" There will be nothing special for Stuani, we know him very well, we know his conditions, his ability to compete is brutal, his aerial game is sensational and then with his feet he also handles the situation ".

After the mistake of Yoel in Vitoria, the last of the many that the team has committed this season, the coach explained that those things can be worked:" You have to convince the player that he has to be active, that he has to be attentive. You have to support them, be by their side and give them the tools, ask for more tension. It is true that we make mistakes for Alevín B, but not only the players, but also us. If we erase that, we have to be calm because we are going to save for sure "and he did not want to confirm if he will return the ownership to Masip in the goal:" Currently in modern football the goalkeeper is like a field player. Tomorrow you will see. We have total confidence in the two because they are training very well ".

Sergio González understands that Real Valladolid has to be a protagonist in Zorrilla:" You play in your field, it requires that, people will cheer us up, they will tighten us. We are sure that he will give us that push and we can not do anything but go for the game. That makes it easier for them to go to the counter, where they are comfortable, they took oxygen in their trips to Madrid. The other day we were very good at defensive surveillance. We did not let them run, there was a very strong block, very good surveillance. Stuani stays off the hook, Portu makes the transitions. It is very important that the offensive block is in charge of attacking and the defender is aware of the vigilance "and stressed that" we conceive a game in which we put ourselves ahead and we are solid and then we can establish ourselves in this result ".

Respect to the afición, Sergio González explained: "I think we do not have to tell you anything. They know how important they are, the importance of the party. We have to ask them to join us, to be one of us and hopefully we can return everything they will give us "and wished that" this communion will be continuous during the 90 minutes because that means that things are working and if not we need them to be there. "

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