Sergio: "We are very noble, we do not know how to play the other football"

The coach of Real Valladolid reviewed the news of his team before the game against Sevilla and called attention to the honesty of its players.

Sergio González, coach of Real Valladolid, appeared before the meeting against Sevilla tomorrow and stated that he expects the team to have already made a clean slate regarding the Leganes match: "This is a long distance race and the most important thing is reset to face a difficult game, important, like everyone, against a rival that will complicate us because it has many options to get into Champions "and followed with the idea that psychically" we should be fine. "In the end they give you a blow, You have to fit in, manage, but it's worth nothing to think about what happened. We've already managed it both sportingly and mentally.We do not have time to wear ourselves out in anything other than the Seville game. "

About the problems that He had the team in Leganés with the side balls, Sergio did not want to customize and pulled his book again: "All the solutions we are looking for group way and it is the defensive block. What is it? That the defense is far behind that the goalkeeper takes a step forward, attacking the ball or waiting for it to arrive? The last play we have analyzed perfectly and since the throw-in we are already badly organized, poorly distributed. We have to have more mischief, in those final minutes we do not have to play football anymore. We lack that other football that is also competing. We had the highest players and we were not able to defend those lateral centers, but not only Jordi, but all. It is evident that lately, the lateral centers are not creating situations of goal, of doubt ".

Hablando of the other soccer, the technician explained:" Carrillo, in the minute three he leaves with blood and Cuéllar is thrown to the ground to stop the match and compensate for the absence of a footballer. Ese other football we do not handle it and it is also important "and ended:" We must also learn that not acularnos much we will defend better, although it is a lawful way, but often giving three or four passes you can go out and we have to make clearings More solid, more forceful ".

A question about if he is the one who throws the team back, Sergio explained:" It's funny, we're all team, there are times when the players themselves decide to take a step back because they feel more We are at a moment in which not only football is worth, but the head . The one who is stronger in the head is the one who is going to put up with this situation we are in. The head often pulls you back unconsciously "and explained:" That the draw was worth the draw is a lie, we are worth from 70 when we see the situation of the game. In the first part we wanted to win the match "and stressed that" Waldo did a good game, did not surprise us and showed the reason why we bet on him ".

A when analyzing the rival of tomorrow and his absences, the coach explained:" I hope un Sevilla powerful on the subject of Caparrós, is a coach very much of the club, I had him as coach and he transmits a lot. It is true that the casualties of Navas and Escudero are important, but they have very dangerous elements to create danger Ben Yadder, Banega, Mudo Vázquez, behind have important people, but we have also seen that we can hurt them "and insisting on the Andalusian coach pointed out: "Amen of the tactical, its strong is what it transmits, it makes you plugs and manages very well the other football, they know how to play with the ball and without the ball." All this, links with the final reflection of the coach: "We are very noble , we are with the chest very discovered. In the 90th minute, what happened to us can not happen. We have to say that you do not play anymore and you do not play more, there have been goals at the beginning that can not happen either. You have to read the game and many times we are doing it wrongly. "

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