Sainz: "China will give us even more information about the McLaren"

The Spaniard faces the 1,000th race in the history of F1 with "the batteries charged and desire to return to compete."

Un problem in the MGU-K at the 2019 Grand Prix of Australia and a delete striker when trying to overtake Max Verstappen when both fought for the fifth position in the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix. This is the disastrous balance Carlos Sainz accumulates in the first two races of the Formula 1 World Cup 2019.

A fateful start of the championship that has not affected the morale of Sainz. The Spaniard faces the Chinese Grand Prix 2019 with the firm mission to continue improving and raising the performance of the MCL34: "We faced China with the batteries charged and wanting to compete again." The pace in Bahrain was good both in qualifying and especially in the Unfortunately, they touched me and later we had to remove the car due to the gearbox, but I prefer to stay with the positive with a view to China, where the layout is very varied and will give us even more information about the behavior of the MCL34 ".

The young driver of 24 years points out, in a statement supplied by McLaren, that it is a great privilege to participate in the 1,000th race in the history of Formula 1:" The curve 1 is one of the best on the calendar and the straight line before turn 14 will offer good opportunities in the race China will be a very special weekend because it is the 1,000th race of the Formula the 1. This sport has been my passion since I was very small and it is an honor to be part of a milestone as important as this ".

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