Sabrina Ionescu resigns to 1 of the draft and will continue in Oregon

"WNBA I'll see you soon, but before I have a job to finish", writes in The Players Tribune the great feeling of women's basketball.

There will be a female university champion tonight: Notre Dame (defending title) or Baylor will take a tournament that will close the season and will step into the WNBA, which celebrates its draft on Wednesday, at the Nike office in Manhattan, and which starts season on May 24, in a crucial year between her great media growth and the issues still unresolved in terms of sustainability and salaries of the players.

The professional competition was related to the arrival of Sabrina Ionescu, the Walnut Creek earthquake that has Made history in Oregon, with the absolute record of double triples in college basketball (without distinction of genres). Pero or the WNBA will have to wait a year. Ionescu, sung number 1 (Las Vegas has that first pick) is going back to the university to play his last year with the Ducks, the team of the Spanish Maite Cazorla who lost to Baylor (72-67) in the semifinals of the Final Four that is resolved today in Florica. In that game that left Oregon out of the fight for the title, Ionescu was 18 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists with a 6/24 shot. She has averaged 19.9, 7.4 and 8.2444444

in the season. So she has decided to "finish the job" as she has acknowledged in an open letter in The Players Tribune in which she recognizes that few things have impacted her more than see Kobe Bryant dissecting his game in his ESPN television space: "The work has been left unfinished, and I tell you with all my heart, nobody, me, my colleagues or the technicians, nobody is going to run out now. We are not going to be one of those teams that comes out of nowhere, it makes a little noise and disappears again, we are building something important, there were just 1,000 people coming to see me in my first season and in this the average was 7,000 and Suddenly Stephen Curry or LeBron James got in our car, something is happening here, then I saw the program of Kobe Bryant, how he dissected my game ... it was another challenge, as if Kobe was telling me that he was watching me, I liked what I saw but I wanted something more, extra, that's how you go from good to great, from aspiring to champion. In my first season we reached the Elite 8 and lost by a lot. In the second, the Elite 8 and we lost by little, in the terera we have reached the Final Four. So now I can not be happier when I announce that I will return to Oregon for the 2019-2020 season. We have work without finishing. Duck nation, I'll see you there, I hope with the flag up. Kobe, I'll see you too, I hope you keep an eye on me. And WNBA, I'll see you soon too. Very soon, I promise. But there is something that I have to deal with first. "

A revolution in women's basketball

" What do they send me to cook in the comments of the news? Well, lately I have served quite triple-doubles ... ", this was the answer to the sexist opinions of Sabrina Ionescu after spraying the absolute total of triple-doubles in college basketball, which was in the 12th that Kyle Collinsworth, who now plays in the Raptors team in the G-League (Raptors 905) .

Collinsworth reached 12 after four years and 140 games in the NCAA (BYU) .Ionescu had done so in three seasons.In the past two years he has been chosen Best She played at , PAC-12, and already has the Nancy Lieberman Award at the base of the year (2018), the USA Today Player of the Year award and the McDonald All American Game MVP. U-17 World Cup with the United States, which he also represented in the last 3x3 World Championship, literally everywhere, also on the track, and that is the key to his game, without an imposing physique and only 180 centimeters of alt ura: intelligence (IQ), the ability to always stay one step ahead of the others and to exhaust their defenders with their incessant activity. It is what she learned to do when she grew up playing with boys, among them her inseparable twin brother Eddie (she was born 18 minutes earlier), with whom she lives in an apartment in front of the Ducks' facilities.

The two of them started to play all three years, with his older brother Andrei, who was then 12 and who had embraced basketball after arriving with his family from Romania. First his father fled the revolution in 1989 and up to six years later his mother and Andrei could not accompany him. The family settled in Walnut Creek, a suburb of San Francisco Bay where their parents set up a limousine transportation business and raised the twins, who were already born in California. Sabrina went everywhere with her sneakers and played from dawn to dusk with her brother and his friends. In order not to have to depend on them trusting her, she learned to rebound and handle the ball. To influence the game without having to score many points andDespite his physical frailty, he developed the instinct to distribute assists. The points, according to her takes them inside "by genetics". And the desire to break the rule also: in his school there were not enough players to make a female team and when they told him that he was better "playing with dolls", he was recruiting girls personally: there was already a team.

From California he went to Oregon with his brother and there has turned the women's basketball team into one of the sensations of his university: in his first year the average number of fans in the stands hardly exceeded 1,500. In the second it was 4,200 and in this third, more than 6,500. He has the charisma, the energy and of course the game. And the WNBA rubs its hands with what can be, should be, its next sensation. Only he will have to wait, against all odds, until 2020 ...

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