"Madrid runs with the expense of conditioning the environment"

The mayor Manuela Carmena thanked the club to take charge of that cost, but highlighted the role of women in sports despite the fact that Madrid has no women's team.

Tras Florentino Pérez, it was the turn of Manuela Carmena to speak at the presentation of the Santiago Bernabéu reform. The mayor sent a message of consensus and wanted to thank Real Madrid to take charge of the cost of conditioning the new stadium: "When I watched the first video of this presentation felt the pleasure that transmits football, these images of laughing children and amateurs fighting for their team, I was aware of the extent to which soccer is a determining factor today. We have managed to make great sports a current that stimulates and reactivates the great masses and large population centers. very proud to have seen the great role of the great football clubs The clubs have to have what they need in Madrid, we must give them the means to follow their lines, they make up that emotive-ludic line of our lives. recently a video about children who had no stadium and had found a piece of green carpet to have the dream of e playing in a stadium; We know that what happens here has a huge impact on children all over the world. We have gone to improve the stadiums, so that everyone has that green carpet with which they dream. "

" We are aware of this love for football and all sports and the rise of women's sport in general. The world is changing, each time it is more feminine and masculine, with those two great presences. Sport forms, it is a way of living, a knowledge to respect the rules, to know that one blooms as a team. I am sure that the society of Madrid improves like this. I also wanted to say that we have opted for consensus planning, with dialogue and listening. It is very good that a team that generates so much wealth also has a vision of returning part of that heritage to the city. All the conditioning of the environment and the landscaping will be a matter of Real Madrid, and I want to highlight it ", the mayoress finished.

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