Rubi: "It's the closest year we've been in Europe lately"

Rubi emphasizes: "I do not reject Europe, others would still talk about permanence". And he throws a message: "Hopefully we can give continuity to the players and not get rid of them".

Before the training of Espanyol, this Sunday at 16:00 hours at the RCDE Stadium, to facilitate the call and then leave for Seville from El Prat airport (19:15), the trainer parrot, Joan Francesc Ferrer ' Rubi' answered the media's questions in the early afternoon about the match against Betis this Monday (9:00 pm) at Benito Villamarín.

Fourth match against Betis: "Every match we played against Betis did a little better, although they did not give us to win. Espanyol made an evolution. This game is a bit different because they are alternating game systems, and we do not know what they will do, but we would like to repeat things that we did well in those games. "

Top-10:" Totally. This game, if we take it forward, we will see the seventh place equally far but many things have to happen. If we arrive with options to the last day of the League, we play at home, the one that goes seventh plays with one of Champions ... It is about recovering a game, of putting us to three. And everything happens to win in the Betis house. And even if we tied, we would not be out, although it would force us to win everything. "

Betis with difficulties:" Without a doubt, our rival faces him with the maximum of involvement. I doubt we catch them asleep because they have a bad run and the players are very much with their coach, with good reasons. They have done good football during the year, although the results sometimes accompany less. It's a hobby that goes from being angry with her team to encouraging him. If they put ahead

Votan Europa? "We voted to try it. It is the closest year we have been in the last four. It is difficult because we can not fail. What we have clear is that we will compete ".

Previous in Europe if they are seventh:" I have not done anything because we are the ninth and I know it is very difficult, but I think we would solve it. What are beautiful moments are left for the club and for players who would play European competitions for the first time. I am a person who does not reject this word, others would talk about the permanence. "

Setién:" I'm nobody to give my opinion, but I like Betis' style of play. For all teams except the big three, playing League and in Europe the same year is very difficult. The teams that have twice the budget that the Betis can stand it. It is an interesting reflection because it is the reality ".

The biggest handicap, splurge advantages or the streak of three points on 30? " Both things. I prefer to have this problem than never to advance or that they score fast 1-0. I prefer that we be accused that it has been difficult for us to close the matches to be told that we are going to be breaded. But we lacked some fortune in some games, we deserved more points outside. In that streak we lost against Barça, Sevilla, Atlético, Betis at their best, Getafe ... And in some games we made merits to get some points ".

Growth of the team: " The results are correct. Maybe it is better to analyze it on matchday 38. We are in a scoring strip in which the club has moved in 17 of the last 20 years. The growth of the players has been very productive and hopefully we can give continuity and we do not get rid of them. It was not an easy year because important players had also left. In that sense, I think we have the approved one ".

Estado de Naldo:" I am pessimistic. I have to meet with the doctors. It is very likely that I can be for the next match, although I wanted to try it for this one. "

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