Rubén Sobrino: "In football nothing can be taken for granted"

The forward Rubén Sobrino does not hide "the many desire" he has to play again after almost a month out due to injury.

How do you find yourself?

Con mucho ganas, claro. Any player who is standing is with the maximum illusion of being able to participate soon. From the first day I am trying to do what is in my hand and return as soon as possible.

Da feeling that the tie is made ...

In football there is nothing done. Football gives many surprises and we are very aware that we have to be with the utmost attention. We are prepared to face the game with the greatest enthusiasm and knowing that anything can happen.

The level of the strikers is being good in this section, are you aware that it is more difficult to enter the eleven?

From the signing here has been complicated to enter. For the strikers to score goals or not is the least, their quality is tremendous and if they are here it is for something. There is a lot of competition and I help the team as much as I can.

What was my injury?

I had a small break in the abductor. That was the reason.

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