Rossi: "The goal is to fight for victory in all races"

The first results of the season have meant that the Italian is no longer satisfied with just enjoying and now Valentino wants to win everything.

The World Cup started with a clear dominator: Marc Márquez. The Spaniard started the season eclipsing the rest of the drivers and fulfilling perfectly with a role of 'favorite' that in his shadow hid another winner: Valentino Rossi. The Italian is still accumulating feats. If the ilerdense dazzled by its results on the asphalt, the performance of the Italian has not been lower after adding dos second consecutive positions in Termas and Austin.

2019 rolled for the Tavullia pilot with the aim of returning to be competitive with the Yamaha. But now that's not enough for Valentino. Things have changed and his mentality, after the results he has achieved so far, also: "The objective now is to fight for victories in all races. We will try everything we have, because we are here for that, to always be competitive ".

Simeone's 'match by match' has become a 'race to race' for Valentino and although" the season has started well, it will be hard because each track is different ", stated in the Sky Sports microphones. The Italian knows that there is still much to discover and the GP of Spain will be his test of fire to know what they can aspire: "The last two years in Jerez has been a difficult circuit for us, therefore will be a very important test for us , to see if we are really competitive. "

The championship comes to Jerez starting practically from scratch. Of the first classified, Andrea Dovizioso, in the fourth, Marc Márquez, there are only nine points of difference and the idea of the tenth title that sounds in the head of Valentino, second in the general right now, since 2010, makes the Italian find even more motivation in a fight where he wants to remain the king. Of course, for the Italian the Honda rider continues to be favorite and Rins, that deprived him of the victory in Texas, a more aspirant that we must not lose sight of ...

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