Rome: "It would be very difficult for Alonso to win the Dakar 2020"

The double champion of the Dakar: "He has the bases, he is a machine to compete, he has great passion for the engine and he would know how to do very well".

The Spanish rally driver, Nani Roma, assured EFE that "it would be very difficult for Fernando Alonso to win next year's edition of the Dakar Rally" , although if "prepared in the long term it could be very competitive" .

Alonso was recently testing the Toyota Hilux V8 with which the Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah was crowned last year in the Dakar, for Rome, "it is very possible that Alonso can compete in the Dakar next year", although it is something that the Asturian "I should feel, I'm sure I did it well, because I know how to drive and I'm sure it will adapt over time" .

The double champion of the Dakar, both in motorcycles (2004) and in cars (2014), explained in an act with Roncato and El Corte Inglés that Fernando Alonso's strong points would be that "has the capacity to compete and a good team, because Toyota has the car that it won last year" .

So well, Nani Roma considered that "there is no you they could demand results from Fernando Alonso, because no matter how well he prepared it (the Dakar of 2020), we also have to understand how the rally raid modality works or to cross it to aspire to victory.

There's no help either, in opinion of Rome, "that Alonso can not perform a specific preparation because he is doing a thousand different competitions and runs many races", in reference to the World Resistance or Indycar, for which he will play this year the 500 miles of Indianapolis.

Fernando Alonso " It has the bases, it is a machine to compete, it has great passion for the sport motor and I would know how to do it very well, but first I would have to go calmly. He would enjoy it and we would welcome it ", finished Nani Roma.

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