Roig: "The nice thing is that there will be a Valencian in the semifinals"

The president of Villarreal, spoke in the act of the VII Project FER, on the situation of Villarreal and the tie of Europa League that starts on Thursday against Valencia.

Fernando Roig spoke at the VII FER Project, about the situation of Villarreal and the Europa League tie that starts on Thursday against Valencia:

State of mind: "These three games have been important. We could have gotten many points. What you have to do is put a lot of effort and more work to achieve the goal that is to add one point more than the third by the tail. The day of Betis is an important stick. The dressing room has to react, it is strong. I am also strong. You have to give it value in the face of adversity. "

Are you bothered by this Europa League match ?: " We have to go to win the match with Valencia. The coach is the one who decides who plays. We are not going to give up absolutely nothing. "

Have you talked to Cazorla? :" Sure. Cazorla is eager to play and to train. "

Will his LaLiga position influence Thursday's game? :" The LaLiga minutes do not play in Europe. They are different parties. There is a lot of enthusiasm in this tie. "

What happened in those three games? :" This is not the time to analyze what happened. We are in a week of reinforcing our morale. I have it strong. It's time to make a great game against Valencia and go to Girona to win. "

Situation:" It is inconceivable that Barça will score two goals in ten minutes, then we will make four and then both of them in the discount. We are in a moment of overcoming. We are in the mud, we will leave the mud and follow. "

Would you have liked another rival in the Europa League? :" Sure. I would have liked the Alaquás, but I was not in the hype. The nice thing is that there will be a Valencian semifinals. "

What do you expect from the crossing? :" What will I expect? Let the Villarreal pass ".

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