Ricky Rubio faces another key summer: all his options

The base of El Masnou will be a free agent when the month of July arrives, an option that has not yet happened in his career in the NBA.

The season of Jazz is over this morning with the defeat in the Playoffs 2019 at the hands of Rockets, the same team that eliminated them last year. This means that the holidays for Ricky Rubio begin, which will face them with an uncertainty that never before in his career in the North American league had his head: free agent.

Your contract ends on 30 June. On July 1 the moratorium period will open and a few days later you can officially sign a new contract. It opens, therefore, a horizon of multiple possibilities for the Spanish , which sails from the injury that cut its great start in the United States (2012) by waters ranging from excessive criticism to chauvinism also passing through the changing confidence of fans, technicians and more elements of the world NBA.

Su contract, the current one, has done well to his coffers, of course, but badly to his reputation. Since the numbers were known to call it "overrated", one of the worst adjectives that can be made in the NBA, has been usual. This is an extension of the first agreement signed, the rookie, back in 2011. In 2014 renewed playing for the Timberwolves and it became effective in 2015, when it finished: 54'9 in four years, 13'7 season. It is not easy to return to reach these figures, although the increase in contracts by agreement through the television agreements have inflated the market and it would not be crazy to see him again in that rango (comparatively, lower) .

In the last closing of market was close to leaving the Jazz, so it has sought replacement. Like in Memphis and also in Minnesota, but this last option is almost ruled out after Jeff Teague (base) accepted the clause by which he could extend his contract with the Wolves. The Suns desperately seek base, in the Knicks could pair with Dennis Smith, the Pelicans could appeal to him if he leaves Jrue Holiday. In the Bulls there is also a gap, but it will depend on the draft. And the Magic, as in your case, have two game directors, DJ Augustin and Michael Carter-Williams, who have finished the season with confidence. They are all teams from the lower middle zone, something that is due to the fact that it only fits into the starting base option because it is in the role that it has had - eight years already - until now. The renewal is an option, of course, and more seeing the group that has formed around Snyder and how well they have been able to compete in the last two seasons, just the ones that Ricky has been there.

In Rubio we have seen a palpable evolution and not only in the physical-aesthetic plane. He no longer excels in numbers with assists, but his team plays different and he leads well in a static that plays more passes than his own. In fewer minutes (28.6) he throws better than before and also scores more (12.9) .

The options are countless for a Ricky Rubio who has before him, for the first time and in full maturity (28 years old), the Key to your future in the NBA222222.


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