Red Bull presses Honda

Christian Horner is confident that the next updates will reduce the difference between Mercedes and Ferrari today.

A podium in three races for a total of 52 points. This is the baggage that accumulates Red Bull in the Formula 1 World Championship 2019, although the highlight is the reliability demonstrated to date by the Honda power unit, after its fragile seasons next to McLaren.

A propeller that will debut its first improvement of the year in the Great Prize of Azerbaijan 2019. 20 more horses that will place the Japanese engine to 18 of Mercedes and Ferrari, a news that will be received with great pleasure in the team by Milton Keynes.

The reason? Christian Horner says that since the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix the engineers led by Adrian Newey have significantly improved the chassis of the RB15, a famed development that has not been accompanied by his partner in the 'Big Circus': "Definitely, we have taken a step forward with the chassis from Bahrain and we were definitely more competitive this weekend.When we look at the comparative of the partials, in particular sector one and two, we are in good shape.In sector three we still have a lot of work to do , but there will be some updates and they will help us with that ", affirms Christian Horner.

Conscious of the repercussion that these words could generate, Horner loosens somewhat the tension emitted towards Sakura and remarks in 'Sky Sports' that the objective of the energetics is to reduce to the maximum the disadvantage that now separates them from Mercedes and Ferrari: "I think they are making progress with that. They will certainly help, but the others do not stay still. It's about evolving. Our goal this year has been to reduce the difference with Mercedes and Ferrari, and we are doing it. There will be a little accordion effect from now until the middle of the year ".

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