RDT and Mario Suárez inject lightning faith and ballast Valencia

The goals of Raúl de Tomás and Mario Suárez leave the Rayo momentarily to three points of salvation. Alberto missed a penalty by Parejo.

Vallecas never gives up. Working population, in the ADN of its inhabitants is the eternal struggle against everything for a survival that in football dresses with a fringe splitting its chest. The Lightning is the soul of your neighborhood. Today he has shown it in a game in which the clouds that covered the sky of Madrid also seemed to threaten the fate of those of Paco Jémez. The augury was true, but on the wrong side. The darkness dominated Valencia. The light played at home.

Light in every way. Possession, control, occasions ... the Rayo won because he deserved it. As simple as that. Of course, the story might have changed if in the 26 'Dani Parejo had not perpetrated one of the worst penalty shots of the season. Ramplón, his low shot and the center lodged in his bosom Alberto García, one of the protagonists of the game in the previous one (he returned to play) and during his development. The danger always ended up dissipated in the captain's fists. Partidazo

As the Raúl de Tomás, greasy vertigo in every ball he plays. One of them ended in the meshes after a tremendous failure of Diakhaby, who knew how to take Embarba to give the ball to the killer of the Strip. It's already thirteen. Ten have been in his stadium. The 1-0 came in the first half and knew the Rayo defend it until the duel entered the discount. Mario Suárez nodded with bombardment perfection a corner that sentenced to Valencia. The locals are momentarily three points away from the save. The Valencia does not manage to assault the fourth place.

Thus we have narrated in As.com the Rayo Vallecano 2-0 Valencia:

Photos from as.com
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