Ray 1X1: Tomás and Mario Suárez maintain hope

The Rayo bent Valencia (2-0) with a great game of the franjirrojos. De Tomás and Mario Suárez scored the goals. The Lightning clings to permanence.

Victoria balsámica del Rayo against Valencia, which allows you to dream of permanence. The franjirrojos showed one of their best versions and beat a team that aspires to Champions, with goals from De Tomás and Mario Suárez.

Alberto: surprised his ownership after four months without playing, but inactivity made him grow up against Valencia. He parried a penalty to Parejo, throwing himself towards his left post. Before he had already acted with a great intervention to shot Ferran. In the second half he saved two goals sung to shots by Parejo and Guedes.

Advíncula: The Peruvian was a fixture with Míchel and with Paco had not yet entered the onces. He highlighted his work in the pressure and in the air balls where he was attentive in each punt. A nuisance for Cheryshev.

Adboulaye: The Senegalese played one of his best games of the season. No errors in defense. He showed great understanding with Gálvez, despite not being his usual dance partner. In attack he had an occasion with the head demonstrating his air power.

Gálvez: They called a dubious penalty on Rodrigo in the first half. The Valencia striker made him work by piece. In the second part he saw the yellow for a foul on the striker and will lose the game against Athletic by accumulation.

Tito: He played on the left, a changed band and it cost him to shine. Ferran had him taken during the first part. It began to grow when Álex Moreno helped him with defensive tasks. No serious errors.

Mario: It enlarges with the passage of the matches. He has put sanity in the core and feels comfortable as the only pivot. Distributed the game and peeked through the goal with a header that sentenced the game.

Bebé: The great beneficiary of Paco's return. There is no eleven in which the Portuguese is not. With spaces generates danger and Valencia had them, especially during the first part. He needs to calm down facing goal.

Pozo: Another headline for Paco. Play better the more clothed you feel in the core. It appears throughout the field and helps in the exit of the ball. His shot from outside the area is lethal, but before Valencia they covered him well.

Embarba: He recovered the ownership and in what way. Sensational the end. He had a first chance soon from inside the area. Key in both goals. In the first one he stole a ball from Diakhaby, he bargained, and he attended De Tomás, so that the striker scored. In the second, center measured from the corner, at the head of Mario.

Álex Moreno: Despite being a regular on the right side, Alex is extreme. Before Valencia debuted in its original position. From his band he took danger to the attack and showed solidarity with Tito, to help him every time they faced him. He left replaced by some annoyances.

De Tomás: Striker goal pure center to make Vallecas dream. It appeared in the area to pick up a measured center of Embarba. The forward on loan from Real Madrid has already scored 13 goals, ten of them in Vallecas. In the 90 ', Neto prevented him from doing the second with a miraculous hand.


Álvaro: He replaced Álex Moreno and he was fine. He understood the match perfectly and helped save the result.

Agbo: He debuted with the Ray. He helped Mario Suárez in the midfield.

Velázquez: He entered in the last minutes replacing Gálvez. Blocked a shot.

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