Ramírez: "The fans are right: two and a half years without joys"

The president of Las Palmas intoned the 'mea culpa' for the canticles against him, although he explains: "As long as I remain the maximum shareholder there will not be an executive president, in the end I will be the one who makes the decisions".

Miguel Ángel Ramírez, president of the Sports Union Las Palmas was commissioned to present Rocco Maiorino as the new sports director of the entity of Pío XII.

The president said: "Since Toni Cruz left the vacancy we had not covered his place and, Although we are very happy with the work of Toni Otero, we knew that he needs support from a sports director because this club covers many aspects, so he needed a person of his profile, I took my time because in December we had the first shot of contact. In January we had many meetings and he has been on the island for a month watching games and how the club works He had offers from other Italian First Teams and once he saw how we worked, he told us he was willing to work with us. will contribute much after many years in the Milan ".

En the collective said:" After the vivid or with the Cordoba everything can happen and although there are 10 days, and I reiterate that everything can happen, as a feat, but with time we are working towards the next season so that, whatever the category, let's try to get ahead because we need to improve ".

Question on the future of Pepe Mel explained:" Ha worked very well and you have to give it time. The most prudent thing is to look at it later because we are still playing what we are playing. Rocco should look for solutions because it is not normal for us to take two and a half years without doing things right. In this category, you do not need as much technique, but more physical characteristics. If we do not achieve the promotion we will have to reconvert the situation with some players that meet that profile. "Regarding Toni Otero and Tonono:" They deserve the same respect as Pepe Mel and the players ".

In singing to the chants of the fans in against the yellow president said: "True reason because in summer we made a template where we were all excited, but the reality is that we have not met expectations and the suck is normal. Llevamos two and a half years without joys, but this year the club will have a loss of 5 million euros and for that it is up to me to seek solutions because I am the responsible, either selling a player or find other solutions because we will continue doing things as we have been doing so far. I have been 14 years old and have sometimes been whistled and others have applauded when we ascended. After the game I had a little collision with an amateur and I'm trying to talk to him to apologize. "

" As long as I remain the highest shareholder there will be no CEO because in the end I will be the one to make the decisions. If someone of the island wants to buy the equipment and not to take it outside, yes ", added.

Maiorino:" Las Palmas has everything to climb to First "

Maiorino admitted:" I am very excited after months talking with the president to take care of the first team and subsidiaries. I've been talking to Tonono and Toni about the future, but the most important right now is trying to get the best out of the last 10 games, until the math says it can not. We have to try to win the most in these last ten games. What I have clear is that we are going to work hard, hard and in a different way 24 hours a day. I have an illusion because I come to a big club that deserves to be in Primera. We have to work hard and talk little, but I am sure that if he called me it is because he wants to bring a new idea. "

He was convinced of the club's potential : "He has everything to do good work and to go up to Primera. Boateng has spoken to me very well about this team and when I came to the island I saw everything he had told me. That's why I made my decision to sign because I have the same idea of football as the president. "

He was asked about possible ups and downs and explained:" We have to evaluate everything before we talk about the future, but now, with ten days still ahead. play, it does not make much sense to talk about that. We have already talked to outline the way of working with Juanito, Toni, Branko and Tonono. Everyone knows that the same language is spoken in football and the important thing is to sign good players that can be useful for Las Palmas. What I do not think is a problem is signing Spanish, Italian or South American players, because the important thing is that they are good players and that they help us to raise, but I reiterate that it would be a lack of respect to pull that off now when there are professionals who are struggling to try to climb. When we finish we will sit down and talk about everything, fromidea, what Toni thinks and what I think, but now it does not make sense, "he said.

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