Press review in Italy: "Nightmare, betrayal of Leclerc ..."

The mainstream media highlights that the lack of reliability of the SF90 is unacceptable if you want to fight to win the F1 World Championship.

Inacceptable and disappointment. These are the two words that are repeated, again and again in the major media of Italy, to describe the performance of Ferrari at the Bahrain Grand Prix 2019.

Tras achieve a brilliant double in the classification and commanding with relative ease great part of the test in Sakhir, a spin of Sebastian Vettel in the curve 4 after being overtaken by Lewis Hamilton and a problem in the cylinder of the combustion engine of Charles Leclerc a few laps from the end, augmented Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas up to the first two drawers of the podium on the east coast of the Persian Gulf.

A fateful result, which together with the hecatomb of the Scuderia at the Grand Prix of Australia 2019, where at no stage of the race Vettel and Leclerc They were able to fight against Mercedes and Red Bull, they made turn on the orange alarm in the factory of Ma ranello, because 18 and 39 are the points that separate the Rampant Cavallino from the silver arrows in the Formula 1 World 2019.

'La Gazzetta Dello Sport ': "The" engine "screen on the steering wheel, a dominated race that becomes in a nightmare eleven laps from the end. The result of the Bahrain Grand Prix is overwhelming, as Charles Leclerc already anticipated his first victory in his career with Ferrari and, in contrast, was overtaken by the usual and indomitable Lewis Hamilton. The SF90 engine betrayed the Monegasque who had the race in hand and in Sakhir Mercedes took the second victory of 2019, this time with Hamilton after the triumph of Bottas in Australia ".

'Il Messaggero ': " A failure in the engine stops Leclerc's journey, forced to pass ten laps from the end to Lewis Hamilton who wins the Bahrain Grand Prix. Bottas also took second place, while the safety car saved the young Ferrari driver who at least managed to finish third, saving himself from the return of Verstappen. For Leclerc, it is the first podium in Formula 1 after the first pole position he won yesterday, but the disappointment is equally great, not relieved by the extra point that is obtained thanks to the quick lap in the race. Fifth place for Sebastian Vettel, also a victim of misfortune due to the loss of the front wing that forced him to a fourth stop in the pits "

'Corriere della Sera ': " Eleven laps of agony to cancel a masterpiece. To go to the psychologist, Charles Leclerc's drowned cry when they tell him that the motor has lost power due to a problem with the power recovery system of the electric unit says much more than the result. The Mercedes won a race that dominated the Monegasque and would have taken home for a walk without that scabies. He lost the Ferrari, unable to completely solve the reliability problems that had already affected him this winter. "

'Il Giornale ': After the fantastic first pole position won by Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc could not repeat In the Bahrain race due to problems with the engine, the 21-year-old Frenchman was very good and led the race until lap 49 when, due to some unspecified problems, he began to lose speed with Hamilton and Bottas, who overtook him when With eight laps remaining, Leclerc, with bad luck, was lucky, since on lap 55 both Ricciardo and Hulkenberg retired, which favored the entry of the safety car on the track, braking an unleashed Max Verstappen that surely would have flown to the third box of the podium ".

'La Repubblica':" Very hard blow for the young Ferrari driver, who was overtaken by two riders I saw in their mirrors. The safety car was a stroke of luck in something that could have turned into a tragedy. Today's race, however, gives us a very competitive Ferrari: it is not surprising that the fastest lap, which this year is worth a point, was taken by Leclerc. A competitive car, but obviously fragile ".

'La Stampa ': " The pole position, overtaking his teammate and then a mockery: Charles Leclerc must postpone the appointment with victory because his engine in the last ten Laps had a tantrum and forced him to slow down. The disappointment for Ferrari, which started with the two drivers in the front row, was great. The Bahrain Grand Prix ends with another Mercedes double. Lewis Hamilton preceding Valtteri Bottas, who is still the championship leader by just one point thanks to the fastest lap achieved in Australia "

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